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  1. Well I had a lot of things going on with taking summer classes and moving I just needed a breath of fresh air.
  2. Look at me I'm a keyblade wielder though I'm still sleeping and letting everyone else do the work for me. I'm sharing a heart with a younger boy so that my heart can be complete. My best friends are Terra and Aqua!
  3. Sorry that I took some time off been really busy but I'm back now for a whole
  4. the game was already 95% done what you saw at E3 is probably how the final version will end up.
  5. Have him, I'm way over him now!
  6. I guess, guess I can try and not let it bother me thanks Sora!
  7. haha oh boy! What is with everyone and having fangasms? We have Ventus here and Javelin!
  8. Ah it's just so weird seeing there lips not moving much but still have VA!
  9. yeah well didn't they redo the models? They could of easily fix that too.
  10. sucks that I don't own a Wii U all my money is going towards Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix!
  11. Chain of Memories by far, didn't care so much for the gameplay. But I think I'm one of the few that actually loved 358/2 Days because of Roxas
  12. The only complaint I have with the game so far is the lip sync it's like they didn't even try.
  13. Love it when I get a free breakfast! Yum ^_^

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