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  1. jeez i can hardly wait but i will be in washington DC for the day it comes out but im sure my bro will get it for me
  2. Galcal712

    Persona 4 Platinum Announced

    i Love these kinds of vids, but i accually liked alot of these games espesially persona 4 arena, i play that all the time!
  3. Galcal712

    Naruto kissed Sasuke

    way to many people think its fan yaoi art, but i can see why
  4. Galcal712

    Naruto kissed Sasuke

    hat that they kissed or that itachu asked him? because itachi doesent ask him lol
  5. Galcal712

    Hatsune Miku in KH3? (As a small cameo/Summon?)

    eh i think that they should make their own music to represent kh like simple and clean.
  6. Galcal712

    Naruto kissed Sasuke

    his was one of the most funny parts of naruto i cant get over this picture thow!
  7. Galcal712


    umm... is that a bad thing?
  8. Galcal712


  9. Galcal712


    well just because she is not very powerfull u call her uselles im meen without her so many people would be dead by now
  10. Galcal712


    so exited!!! AGREED im glad there are people who agree that sakura is awesome! thats fine everyone can have an oppinion im just talking to people to think she is useless
  11. Galcal712


    ive heard so many people say how sakura is useless in so many ways, im not saying that she is "super sayan" but she saved so many people's lives and its because of her that naruto is chasing sasuke (not all because of her but 70%) usefull doesent always meen powerfull, think of her like chopper from one piece, you dont question him right? think how many times people would have died if it wasent for sakura. your thoughts?