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  1. TMNT Out of the Shadows, or any of the other TMNT games really, only worthy IP owned by Nickelodeon anyway...
  2. Chupacabras are not Mythical creatures, they're Cryptids...
  3. They'll be made by Rian so it's missing the right answer, nothing, how Disney lets him anywhere near the saga since he basically crapped all over it baffles me.
  4. Damn I really wanted to go but I have no one to go with, everyone is working or out of town, and the only day off I have is on Sunday... :( Although I really doubt we'll get a new trailer here, we're too small for that...
  5. Gargoyles and the old DuckTales.
  6. Each of those figures by themselves would be around $80, and those are exclusive for this editions so those alone made the collector's edition be worth that price. Also the art of the cover has not be revealed yet so how the hell can you say that the FFXV one looked better if you know even know how this one will look?
  7. The thing with Roxas is that he never fused with Sora's Heart, he has his own Heart. That's because of his creation, since he never had the connection with Sora he had no basis to develop his Heart and thus has a brand new Heart. You see, normally whan a Nobody his created he still has his memories from when he was normal, so Axel's heart for example is an extention of Lea's Heart and the heart he regrew is like a continuation of Lea's, like a Part 1 and a Part 2 if you will, so when he came back both their hearts, 2 parts of the same one, got back together and he gained every memory from both hearts. Now Roxas is different, because he never had Sora's memories his Heart was a blank slate and thus it's own thing, so when Roxas went back to Sora their Hearts continued to be independent from each other because they're not Part 1 and Part 2 like they should've been, you can say they're something like Part 1 and Part A for an easy example, don't forget that everything about Roxas is an anomaly. Same with Naminé and Kairi BTW, again because Naminé's an anomaly.
  8. Just the one, but it contains everything from both his Heart from before he became an Heartless and everything he gaind when he lived as Axel
  9. Axel is your answer, they fuse together, Axel is Lea now but everything he gained when he was Axel is now present as Lea, he obviously kept everything from his life as Axel.
  10. It's as if people don't understand the concept of Kingdom Hearts at all... And why exactly wouldn't Marvel fit KH? It's about the superheroes? BH6 seems to be ok with those. Is about the superpowers? Guess The Incredibles are a nogo as well right? And what about Star Wars? It's because it's a huge universe? Stitch got along fine with it's deep space and different worlds. It's because it's live action? Tron and Pirates managed just fine. People don't liking them it's all fine and dandy but don't give me crap with "it wouldn't fit", we have the Donald and Goofy interacting with the likes of Jack Sparrow and Baymax while flying around on a spaceship shooting down enemy ships on outerspace, "wouldn't fit" is just a weak excuse.
  11. That might prove difficulty, they lost the license years ago, don't know how a "remaster" falls into that, they can re-release the original games, but does a remaster qualifies as a new release in the eyes of the law?
  12. Belle, she was my very first crush when I started noticing girls back in the day, she still has the same effect in me to this day.
  13. Having a collection with FF I-IX each with it's own trophy list released is still a dream of mine, one that I'm sure SQ will pursuit eventually.
  14. It's not an opinion, it's actually fact, they did use the Card system as a base, they simplified it and improve it to create the Command deck.
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