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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. When humans became so OP to one shot a mega digimo ?
  2. 1. Final Fantasy XV 2. Kingdom Hearts III 3. World of Final Fantasy 4. Persona 5
  3. Then this should be a perfect excuse to release more KHgames beofre KHIII,
  4. Pain powers can counter any of Xemnas easily, also i don´t know how Xemnas will avoid his soul bein eaten. Moreover Chibaku Tensei is enough for him to stomp Xemnas giant forms.
  5. How can you delay a game that didn't have a release date set on stone until 2012 ?
  6. You know this is a letdown when FFXV presentation at Gamescom was way better than this...
  7. I see no problem with her design.
  8. Lulcie


    Can´t wait for Ryuko vs Nui in Volume 2 :tongue:
  9. The controls needs some polishing but definetly a fun game.
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