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  1. Yeah, I will have to try something like that. I'm being a little bit dramatic too once I won't have time to play both of them... I will pick KH 3 first and RE2 some time later.
  2. Oh great! And now we have the perfect time! The game is being released a few days after Resident Evil. Guess each one will get more attention... I live in a country where the price of each one of these games are around 70 dollars each. I will have to make a very hard choice.
  3. I just wanna know where the release date is! IT IS EARLY JUNE ALREADY GIVE IT TO ME.
  4. I'm truly wanted to believe it and rest on his promise of ''it's coming next year". I don't know if you were here when KHII was being released, but as I remember there was some delays on that time. I expect it to happen again and again. We also have to remember that though Nomura have his plans, Square is kinda messed up when it's about release dates. Man, they promoted a whole event to announce the FFXV Universe and release date and delayed it! I wouldn't be suprised if the same happens with KHIII. The game is coming next year and we haven't seen it at this year's TGS. Kinda wierd for me.
  5. Well, with all the frustrating statements from this event it's pretty clear for me that this game ain't coming next year. It will be delayed again and again for sure. To be honest, I can't see it coming anytime soon.
  6. I don't believe they will keep themselves in silence until 2018. After all, we aren't getting FFVII Remake anytime soon and Square doesn't have any other AWESOME big game to put on the shelves, do they? They always work with one great title at a time. They were hiding KH3 until now because they wanted people to pay attention to FFXV. Now that FFXV is out, fine and dandy it's time to focus on their next AAA-game that is Kingdom Hearts 3. I think we will get some relevant (but not much) info on TGS and Jump Festa. I bet that they will reveal at least one more world this year and then they will set a final release date in the first half of 2018 and release it on the second. And I'm being very optimistic, okay? I would not be surprised if Nomura delays this game once or twice. I think we should always be prepared for the worse when it's about Square and Nomura.
  7. They main antagonist will be Nomura himself. He is the great villain that mess up the fans head and never get the work done. Oh my my who could save us from such terror?
  8. Well, I read the article and I couldn't understand it this way. Does the article defends the idea that there's something romantic between Riku and Sora? I couldn't see it like this. As I can remember it says that even though there's the romantic relationship between Sora and Kairi, the focus in the game is the love between Riku and Sora and this love is not romantic. Some people may disagree but I believe that their friendship is pure and innocent. If someone sees any ''sexual'' thing between Sora and Riku (Axel and Roxas too!), the thing is not with them, but with our society that can't hardly experience such a deep and true friendship and has its mind so dirty nowadays. Someone once told me that the Japanese sees friendship like this. They give a huge importance to this relationship...
  9. Well, I bet we will have one. Nomura once said that though this Saga is coming to an end we will have more stories in the future. He has plans for Kingdom Hearts that goes beyond Sora & Xehanort. I hope that at the end of KHIII we have a secret episode/secret ending that give us a glimpse of this different future with a brand new protagonist, enemy, etc...
  10. It will be something like "We announce that we FINALLY have things to announce soon. LOOK FOWARD TO IT WAIT A LITTLE LONGER AND DIE WAITING 'CAUSE IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON'' Now that would be quite of a final information. And to be honest I don't believe it would be that bad at all. We could all rest in peace and Nomura could focus on FF7 Remake.
  11. I don't know why this kind of news still disappoints me... But I won't let anger bring me down 'cause it won't change a thing anyway.
  12. I gave a try to the Epic Attack and I got 6* Owl. I repented right after I pulled it.
  13. Man, I hate Pooh and Piglet. Only the Tigger and Roo are kinda nice... But they aren't nice enough to save this boring world. And what we can say about that pathetic Keyblade they give us? That's no weak that I would rather not even get it. Give us a chance to play around with Tod and Copper, please. U r right. I hope they don't bring it for the third game. No water worlds!
  14. Atlantica! Boring! Water levels are always awful! 100 Acre Wood... It's enough. Let's go to a The Fox & The Hound based world.
  15. Yeah. It makes sense once the third game opening is about young Eraqus and Xehanort playing chess. But I confess that I thought the message would be revelead if you gather the images in the right position, don't know... Nomura is kinda mean. It's not like the series doesn't have enough mysteries around to be solved.
  16. You have a good point and I agree with you about the mystery around the plataform but the game didn't had a proper announcement yet. They just shared pics on the social media... I believe the game is too awesome to be a NX only but it isn't too awesome to encourage me to buy a brand new console to play it. Ubisoft wants money and release a strong game to a console that is coming kinda late doesn't seem to be a very clever move.
  17. I tried the new deal and I got two Marluxias, Alladin, Uniform Selphie and Zexion. The quests aren't very hard... But the level 200 Heartless is just too for me by now.
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