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  1. Well... the unique keyblade transformation was already confirmed, and it's a thing I really love, but this is different (I like it actually, but it isn't a lot better than the basic keyblade transformation, I would prefer if the Drive Form was compatible with all keyblade and you simply summon a/some elemental sword/swords with a dual/multi sword combat style) because, probably every form or the most of them will be compatible with a single keyblade (and that will explain why they didn't use a Keyblade we already know in the screen of the Power Form, simply because every form have a single keyblade)
  2. True enough, simply I just thought you love the fact it was a ultra action mode with two keyblade (except for the Wisdom Form and the Limit Form) (I thought it also because it was the major reason why I loved the Drive Form in the past, in fact the form I least like is the Wisdom Form)
  3. Why everyone is so hype for that bad joke?! Guys, please, open your eyes the New ""Drive Forms"" are just an upgrade of the Keyblade Tranformations with a recolor of the outfit and a specific form of a (probably) specific keyblade (the Power Form was censored because that keyblade is from an unknown world) with a specific element, for example: Guard Form: Olympus Keyblade transformed in a shield that emanates lightning with a outfit recolor with Orange and Yellow Power Form: Perhaps a Keyblade from the world of Wreck it Ralph, transformed into a hammer oozes fire with a Red recolor of the outfits. P.s. I'm sorry for my terribile english, but this is a important discussion for me P.p.s. just for clarity I like this variant of the Keyblade Transformation, but I think it's stupid to be more hyped than before because the Drive Forms returns, because they aren't Drive Forms
  4. I'm a GREAT fan of the VR but, I also think it fits well only in a 1st person game so (and I know the KH are playable in 1st person but... no thanks)... I really hope that doesn't happen
  5. I love the finale of khx but I really hope in khUx will be totally different, maybe they add a fight with Luxu? Or with a more powerful version of Dark Chirithy? Or maybe with the Master of Master hhimself (if he isn't fuse with Luxu)
  6. Most likely this part will not appear at all in Unchained X because the Unchained dimension was created to avoid the fight, the end of the game will be different IMHO... I hope it will be, but not because I don't like the one of KHX(sorry for my english)
  7. Sadly... I think I already know, who they are... in khx we saw 9 characters' silhouettes, right? Well... in the opening of kh3d we can see 9 characters as well... Sora, Riku, Mickey, Roxas, Ventus, Aqua, Terra, Donald and Goofy. No Kairi, no Xion, no Lea. I'm not good enough with english to explain well why they miss from the light, but think to this... Lea obtain the Keyblade after he save Sora, Xion is the perfect replica of Sora (and if Terra go away from the 13 darkness, they miss two members... Xion and Lea) and Kairi is a princess of heart... I can't explain better because of my english, I'm very sorry.
  8. For design obviously ps4 but for the games ps3 (it can play almost all of my favorite ps2 games but there are also a lot of othe games)
  9. Absolutely agree but, IF there is another evolution, I'm ok with that
  10. In a part of this text I really thought you have lost them, I'm really glad this isn't happened.
  11. What do you like most of pokémon's game? P.s. pokémon sun or moon?
  12. It is 20 but in the JP version there are some quest that give you access to some items to bring it up to 25 (sadly the US version haven't all the quest)
  13. Only if it isn't an VR exclusive game and preferible with a real VR (like SAO, ALO, GGO and similar) (and I think it's better as a VRMMO, possibly as a remake for the Kingdom Hearts X/Unchained X)
  14. I just want: KH3 steelbox Artbook Soundtrack Chessboard (If they add the Book of Prophecies or a real size Kingdom Key it's ok [HELL YEAH IT IS!] u.u)
  15. I haven't time neither for breathe, I'll do it when I find the time, sorry
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