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  1. ah. that's a good catch, i didnt see. I still stand by my point that it will release november 13th, otherwise we would be seeing a lot more promotion if it releases before June
  2. Actually there are hints that KH3 might be releasing in November. 1. First is the KH 16 month calendar that ends in November 2. The KH3 2015 E3 trailer calendar also lines up with November 2018 However I think the actual release date will be November 13 2018 which is on a Tuesday but FFXV also released on a Tuesday worldwide last November. Nourma already had the release date in mind in 2015. Why else would the calendar in the trailer line up 13 with a Tuesday.
  3. I found something interesting with the title. 1.5 + 2.5. (doing the order of operations) 5+10=15 Kingdom Hearts Anniversary 15th collection
  4. I suggest going through proud mode on the first time if you want a somewhat challenge, or if you want to just enjoy the story, then I suggest beginner mode. Also why are you starting on KH2, instead of one?
  5. i got a question...is 15 mins the whole length of 0.2 or is 15 mins just for E3?
  6. I agree, things are way too quiet on Square's end and considering E3 is just 13 days away. Something is up but it would be best to keep our expectations low.
  7. Let me tell a little about myself. I'm 26 and I also live with my parents, not because I want to, I'm physically disabled so I can't walk or talk and only have use of my right arm and hand. I want to go out and do things on my own but can't with someone there with me, Sometimes I feel like a burden to others because taking care of me isn't exactly easy. Other than that, I don't let my disability get me down and usually a positive person.
  8. Well Key, I just told a girl that I loved her and I'm not sure where I stand with her, we still hang out and stuff. Now I'm focusing building our friendship with her and see what happens in the future. My advice to you is to focus on your life now and make sure you are happy with yourself before jumping in a relationship. and to continue to build that friendship with her. After all, great friends make some of the best relationships.
  9. Dude, I'm almost 26 and been with the series since day one and I rather play a "kids game" with good story and morals than a bloody hack and slash any day...(except FFXV)
  10. Well, that comment about having a release date set. He is probably thinking March 2017 but he's keeping secret, due to a potential setback in development and risk of disappointing fans. He is probably targeting March 2017 in his own head for now until he knows for sure, that the game can release in that time.
  11. I strongly think that KH3 will release next March, what way to end the saga on the 15th anniversary
  12. Hey guys, I'm new around here and I want to give my opinions on the theory. First off, the rebirth theory could be true that being said, I have some issues about it. 1. if TAV and Kairi, Riku are reincarnations of the fortellers, wouldn't they have their memories? They have the same hearts, I would assume when they first touch the keyblade, there would be a deep awakening about their past and they would remember some pieces of their past life. So far the games don't touch on them pondering, maybe KH3 will talk about it, if its true. Also wouldn't they be born around the same time and form that bond. I havent played/seen unchained chi so forgive me if i'm missing some critical information.
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