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  1. firetruckin nomura man.... stop taking unchained x as your excuse for everything. Nobody cares about this piece of shit game anymore besides whales and diehard mobile game fanatics. Stop trying to make it canon because it was obviously shoved into the lore for no reason at all if its not even going to be mentioned in KH3. Forget any news before E3 guys, he just basically killed it.
  2. I personally dont care about DDD, to be fair though, 0.2 doesnt look too impressive when compared to other modern games, so it shouldnt be struggling this much to maintain a stable framerate. A lock at 30fps would probably solve the issues on the pro, they should just give us the option to choose, it seems like the game is just running in something equivalent to the so called "boost mode" when looking at the performance, its not optimized in any way for the pro. The resolution should scale according to load on the regular ps4. They are probably still unfamiliar with the new engine.
  3. With the latest letdown from nomura at the kh anniversary event not showing anything ff7remake related, I totally lost my faith in KH3's development time. At this point, it will eventually come out, but I am not expecting any news this year at all. If nomura isnt even able to present anything at THE final fantasy event, something is clearly wrong, this dude doesnt get shit done. Holy shit I'm mad.
  4. If they dont release a new trailer at least until e3 KH3 is in big trouble. We havent seen anything new besides 2 screenshots of drive forms since december 2015, its time that they show us some progress on the game at least.
  5. 2.9 is bullshit and will never happen. What do you think it will even be? Another 3 hour demo? What will they pack it in with to justify the price? Every remix release had one main game and two smaller additions, one of it being a cinematic and the second being a spin off title, 1.5 had 1FM, 2.5 had 2FM and 2.8 had DDDHD. They even released a collectors box to store every KH game in, they officially say that KH3 is the next thing, nothing in between, and still people come up with the idea of a 2.9. How can you be this paranoid about not getting your precious game soon?
  6. Just watch Bizkit047's video, he pretty much sums it up. The recent update improved on some stuff too. It seems like it is going into the right direction and I cant wait to see what they have for us in the next KH3 trailer to see how they may have improved. Its by no means as tight as 2FM, its still very floaty, but responsive enough to make fun. It could really be due to aquas fighting style, it really feels like they took KH2 and slapped BBS onto it, its as much a hybrid as you could imagine, its scary. The only major thing that still bugs me is the movement/platforming. Its really unresponsive, eats many inputs, doesnt always exactly do what you want. In 2FM you could seemlessly jump, air dodge into a glide, in this its more like jump-jump-air slide, which the air slide is so stupid it has a strict length and your falling is almost uncontrollable after you executed it. There is a secret boss that is really reminiscent of lingering will, stagger, revenge value, hard to dodge dm, but very fair and rewarding to learn as a fight, its already far better than every handheld KH there has ever been. Dont worry, it wont suck.
  7. looks really uncreative, well whatever as long as the ports are good I dont care, give us dat juicy collectors box SE !!
  8. oh man, the guy on the phone was so defensive about it, i need to go there to see myself i guess. goddamn if it is not available i'm gonna get "real" mad lmao.
  9. Eventhough the website also says they are in stock I just phoned the local store and he said that he wasnt allowed to open the box earlier than one day before release. I hate this nonsense. Its 20 kilometers, not going there just to be rejected. Has he bought a copy? maybe it is just pre orders?
  10. So weird that so many people care for a game that is not even playable outside of japan on an arcade machine. Still, noctis seems very likely. I will freak out if it was sora. His appearance in WoFF makes me hope square enix finally sees the potential in sora as a mascot and doesnt treat him like the unwanted son anymore.
  11. Its kinda weird if you think about it. This is the first console KH coming out since KH2 if you dont count final mixes and remasters. I'm so excited its not even funny anymore. Waiting gets more painful every day, especially when thinking about japan getting it next week already. What are you most looking forward to in 0.2, what are your expectations and what does this game mean to you?
  12. You guys totally misunderstood him, he says FF was way down to earth for him and he likes creating more fancy characters, an example for that would be aranea. I like his work wouldnt mind if he was to work on the next KH game or even KH3
  13. Nier Automata, duh lmao just noticed it says january, then its probably gravity rush 2
  14. I think he has something up his sleeve and is just waiting for the 15th anniversary to release it. He doesnt want to take any attention away from 2.8 and 1.5+2.5, its not what matters more to fans, its whats closer to releasing and getting money in. What if he said something along the lines of "KH3 is being worked on and its moving with good pace". That wouldnt give me anything, I actually like how he is all quiet with his games unlike stupid tabata releasing half of FFXV before it releases and everything is spoiled.
  15. I think people are completely going overboard with their appreciation for this video. He took 3 random minutes he would have spent poking in his nose maybe to make this almost onetake video and people are reacting as if he did a 3 hour making of for 2.8 or something. I gotta admit, its cool seeing him on camera again after two years of complete absence, but jeez people, stop talking about him being offended by some stupid comments or social media. He couldnt give less craps about some idiots posting shit online. The minority is the loudest. As someone who has been working in the industry for many years he is someone who should know this. No KH3 is not the main thing going on right now, its the exact opposite. The main thing now is 2.8, 1.5+2.5 and the 15th anniversary. KH3 will be the next big thing earliest E3 next year if not end of 2017 and come out none earlier than mid 2018. People gotta stop thinking KH3 is in anyones heads at square enix right now. Its a project that is being worked on at the moment, nothing that is remotely close being finished to market. We can be happy they even mention it from time to time, FF7 remake is getting no news at all.
  16. its also from an older build, the hud doesnt change color when in fight and the fire spell is old too.
  17. What does he mean by "remaking the character models" ? Like completely from scratch? Only for KH3 or for 0.2 too? You can tell he is not satisfied with the lighting and appearance of the character models which is a big relief to me.
  18. This just recovered some of my hope in SE about where they are going with the KH series. The recent installments all seemed as if they didnt take them serious. That they are recording a brand new song for KH3 shows how much they care to make this game amazing, unlike 0.2 for example.
  19. I swear to god, if KH3 got cancelled under any circumstances, I would immediately quit videogaming as a whole, fkn burn everything related to it.
  20. I think its even better than simple drive forms. Maybe oathkeeper will have a dual wield mode in some form, and some keyblades dont. Stuff like that, one keyblade becoming a hammer in power form and another a scythe or stuff like that. Its even more diverse. I love the concept.
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