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  1. E3: Frozen - Everyone knows there is going to be a Frozen world so confirming at E3 and showing trailers is going to get a lop hype about the game As for D23 I think they are going to reveal a world that no one is expecting to shock fans, My radical pick is Gravity Falls! (I know it sounds ridiculous, but on the Top 10 website Gravity Falls is #1 on that list, so a reveal would get he internet to explode maybe even more than Frozen because ti would be be surprise) https://www.thetoptens.com/worlds-should-be-kingdom-hearts-three/ I'm telling you at either E3 or D23 there is going to be a wildcard world
  2. I am going to mention worlds I personally want to see in KH3 Frozen Narnia (assuming they have the rights for the first film) Jungle Book Monsters Inc Wreck It Ralph Zootopia Gravity Falls (it would be such a missed opportunity if they do not add it) Rescuers down under Great Mouse Detective
  3. Frozen is going to be in KH3 It is honestly not really debatable IMO and add in the facts that a lot of themes crossover between the two I think it will fit just fine
  4. Here are my predictions for new worlds Confirmed Tangled Big Hero 6 Hercules Likely Frozen Treasure Planet Toy Story Jungle Book Possible Lilo and Stich Atlantis Emperors New Groove Monsters Inc Finding Nemo UP Zootopia Just a selfish thing but I am my Gravity Falls in there so bad! Wishful thinking but damn it would fit in so well!
  5. Just Disney? Treasure Planet, Wreck it Ralph, Forzen, Zootopia
  6. To be fair there is still a a chance KH3 will be on the Switch,
  7. Yes Sony and Nintendo have a rocky relationship, but what about the possibility of a Pikachu summon as a Nintendo Switch exclusive?
  8. I love Oswald and it would be sick for him to be in KH3, but him being a antagonist....... it would work but I would pefer if he was a good guy or maybe just a lone wolf
  9. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-11-17/pokemon-anime-moves-to-disney- -in-u.s-with-pokemon-sun-and-moon/.108938 http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/pokemon-moves-to-disney- -with-a-big-movie-debut/ I know Disney did not buy Pokemon but teh fact remains that Pokemon and Disney have a relationship and a new movie coming out....... so does this leave the door open for not a world because it is far too late for that but a cameo (maybe in a Wreck it Ralph world) or Pikachu summon in KH3 or a future Kingdom hearts Game? I mean Pokemon is one of the biggest brands in the world Another thing if they do put Pokemon with a small Cameo or something it would help with Square and Nintendo getting KH3 on the Switch.
  10. I do not want to see Marvel or Star Wars (minus BH6) in KH3 for the simple reason of I do not believe they will not fit and it would just be awkward. Do not want to see Port Royal return, it was weird and did not fit in Kh2, plus I do not like these movies that much. Halloween Town, Agrabah, Beauty and the beast, Atlantica have ran their course IMO
  11. If I only have to pick one new movie world......... Treasure Planet and Zootopia are equal wants for me. Animated Disney TV Show - Gravity Falls easily! Want it too happen during Weirdmageddon. Live Action Disney - The Rocketeer Non Disney Animated Movie - Tough tough tough........... Shrek 2 Non Disney Animated show.............. Even though I like ATLA/Legend of Korra a little bit more I think Steven Universe fits Kingdom Hearts like a glove Non Disney Live Action - Lord of the Rings
  12. Bahamut - Was supposed to be a summon in KH1 but was cut due to technical stuff, the PS4 will be able to handle that with ease and will be in Baymax Kovu to replace Simba Judy and Nick - Those medals in Unchained X confirmed it Bolt Sully Darkwing Duck
  13. I only have 3 big wants 1. Zootopia 2. Treasure Planet 3. Gravity Falls Zootopia I say is pretty safe for a summon or even a character apperance, but a world it depends how long they knew about the movie so it may or may not happen Treasure Planet I think has a pretty good chance to be in and it is such a great world for Kingdom Hearts. Gravity Falls even though I want it in soo bad!!! I doubt it happens
  14. I am still not confident it is going to be a world, however I do not think we can rule it out. Zootopia was in development since 2009/2010 and the rewrite for Zootopia was on November of 2014, Big Hero 6 was released on November 7th, 2014, if you consider Zootopia. Add in the fact Zootopia is canon with Kingdom Hearts via the medals in Unchained X It leaves the door open. Right now IMO it is the wild card on if it gets in are not, I am leaning no that it will be a world but I say there is a chance.
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