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  1. The video title is obvious clickbait. They really only addressed concern over the worth of the collection, not dissapointment with the game itself. Regardless, the amount of hate these guys are getting for simply sharing an opinion is completely unwarranted.
  2. I hope to see improved character models and shading. The last few trailers have been awful in that department.
  3. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they cancelled the Xbox version altogether. Square didn't even find it profitable enough to port a remaster of s 3DS game on the system along with the PS4 version.
  4. I mean, I can understand how villians like Jafar and Maleficent can be resurrected because they're magical creatures, and there's usually an explanation for it. What I don't understand is how killing off a Nobody, somehow makes them return back to their normal human selves. Not only does it undermine the events in COM and KH2, but it's completely nonsensical. It's probably dumbest plot relevation in the franchise next to time travel. DDS's plot in general was stupid.
  5. Back Cover isn't really a movie. It's a series of cutscenes made using in game assets running on UE4. Not comparable to Advent Children which was using pre rendered CGI. Wondering if Back Cover will end up on Netflix is just as silly as wondering if KH2's in game cutscenes will end up on HBO.
  6. I don't think Square ever intended 2.8 to sell anywhere close to FF XV numbers. If it gets delayed, it won't be because of that game.
  7. Summons. Can't think of a single time I ever felt compelled to use them.
  8. KH1 is the most poorly designed game in the series. COM on GBA had the best combat, story, and character development in the franchise. KH2 had superior level design to KH1. BBS is mediocre. None of the DS or 3DS spinoffs were good.
  9. True. DDD's story was so nonsensical that it completely turned me off from the main story entirely. I mean BBS already contradicted stuff from the first two games, but 3D just went completely off the rails.
  10. I'd much rather Square release both 3D and 0.2 separately on PSN. That way fans could choose which game they're interested in without having to pay full price. But judging by their previous collections being physical only, that's most likely not going to happen.
  11. Don't see any reason for them to release a demo. 0.2 is basically a demo in of itself.
  12. There's a difference between having a memory jogged, and completely forgetting something took place. The restoration scenes even showed him being turned into a heartless after stabbing himself, so he clearly still knew about it.
  13. Inconsistencies like that are part of why I think ever since BBS, Nomura has just been making up plot points as he goes along with no clear direction or regard for what was established in the first two games. Yet they clearly remembered every other event, character and location they previously visited. Not buying that.
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