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  1. I myself think that having Sora in Dissidia would actually fit, and be awesome. And as for WOFF.... i've been wanting the game for a bit now.. Hopefully, i'll get it for Christmas just in time to get the DLC because SORA'S ADORABLE!!
  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YES!!! I'm starting to feel happy again, people.. I'm loving the shield, Drive forms being back is awesome, and Olympus is just freakin BEAUTIFUL.
  3. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!! If i HAD money like that, but nope. That stuff's too dang expensive!
  4. I'm now 18, as of today!

  5. Sadly, no.. I wish i could go to comic cons, but sadly, me and me family don't have enough money, or a good enough car to get us to New York for that.
  6. I've been waiting since Kingdom Hearts 2. I mean, COME ON!!! It's been almost 11 years since KH2, and i still die a little on the inside to think that KH3 was announced 3 years ago.. although, we should keep hope that Square are taking this time to make sure that it's an awesome, wonderful, perfect game. We gotta have faith that this time's being put to use!
  7. And it even comes with a GAME, too! Jussst wow, Sega. Although it seems to be so far, so good. Classic Sonic. Gotta love those old-styled commercials.
  8. New dream eaters?? Huh. i guess that's pretty neat! It's cool they're adding at least 1 new feature to DDD so that it's not as "disappointing" for IGN.. Also, i really like your thought about the ending and instantly setting it up for what we saw in that fateful teaser!
  9. Wow... Truth be told, i did NOT expect this many replies to this thread. Guess this is a pretty welcoming place. Well, i digress, thanks, everyone! I'll be sure to enjoy my stay.
  10. I think you made a really good point, man. Donald was indeed a jerk throughout KH1, and him kinda pushing Riku towards Maleficent's side seems really plausible to me.
  11. lilfan D_dawg98... I suck at coming up with fused names no matter the site, it looks like!!
  12. When are Kingdom Hearts 3 and Spider-man PS4 going to come out?

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    2. WakingDawn96


      Well who knows, Greg, but I still see Spidey coming out before KH3 does, Square doesn't love us, Greg.

    3. Khfan-D98


      Indeed they don't. I've given them nothing BUT my love, and what do they do to repay me? They make me wait more than 10 years for what is chronologically kingdom hearts 10.


      -Birth by sleep


      -Chain of memories

      -358/2 Days



      -Dream drop distance

      -0.2 fragmentary passage


    4. WakingDawn96


      I feel the same way, Greg. Square just doesn't want to show us love. On the bright side though, we got some good games out of this. :)

  13. Greg works well, too! And no, i don't think i've got any questions, i'm finding everything so far. I'll let ya know if i DO get any,though.
  14. This pretty much sums up MY feelings towards the days. Struggle fights, twilight thorn, and dual wielding rule, jobs and finding the wonders of Twilight Town drool. Although i DID find myself grinding with the jobs just so i could get the maximum AP bonus, but i hated it. Cargo climb's pretty much the way to go if you want good munny in a short time from a reasonably easy job.
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