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  1. lemellekh2

    Which dragon would be the most fun to ride?

    Drogon from Game of Thrones
  2. Flashiness over Substance lol
  3. Tfw Sora saved the world twice and beat the Hydra Herc couldnt, yet he's still not a hero lol
  4. lemellekh2

    Which character has the most annoying battle quote?

    NAGARERU NAGARERU, kh2 oogie lol
  5. lemellekh2

    Which is your favorite Organization XIII battle?

    Saix, love the speedrun strat for that
  6. I wish for bosses with proper staggering and revenge value, or if they're big bosses, indication of attacks, as well as focused and effective comboing (good modifiers pls)
  7. lemellekh2

    Who is your favorite Mirage Arena boss?

    None, theyre terribly designed bosses, especially No Hearts and the Imprisoner
  8. Anyone other than Osaka Team. Probably the OG Tokyo Team
  9. I dont like Nomura's ludicrous storytelling and fanservice of late. Yoko Taro would do a great job.
  10. Too much fan service, not enough solid storytelling
  11. Great to see Flowmotion revamped, and hopefully itll be implemented well this time. It wsnt a handheld issue, it was just not well-executed the first go around.
  12. BBS, cause there's so much stupid shit in that game. Dumb plat
  13. Staff and give up shield, cause it's the best option for KH Level 1. Every other choice just isnt good for Level 1
  14. lemellekh2

    We are hiring for Moderators!

    I would be interested, thank you!