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  1. They're gonna show more Final Fantasy XV because they'll never let it die.
  2. Captain Togawa

    If Incredibles was in KH3 INSTEAD OF Big Hero 6

    Hmm... probably an original plot. Lol wut. Both films are about super heroes. I'd argue The Incredibles, even more so.
  3. "Let's take the raft and go, just the two of us!"Kairi has wanted to spend some alone time with Sora since 2002.
  4. Captain Togawa

    After watching the new trailer does anyone else find...

    Really? This was the first time I thought they looked pretty much perfect.
  5. Captain Togawa

    Studio Ghibli Worlds?

    If I thought Spirited Away had a chance, it would be my most wanted world.
  6. Captain Togawa

    Are we going to get any new info before E3?

    I bet we will get new info before E3. But probably only a few days before E3 at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Encore. I think anything before that, like at the Union X event will be minor.
  7. Captain Togawa

    Big Hero 6 world plot

    Reminds me too much of Riku's story in KH1... and Neku's story in 3D... and Cloud's story in KH1... and...
  8. Captain Togawa

    Will Text Cutscenes Return in KH3?

    I don't think there will be. I think when you talk to NPCs or examine something, it'll be like when Aqua talks to herself during gameplay in 0.2 and like in FFXV during side quest scenes. Not quite full scenes like those that are important.
  9. Captain Togawa

    Are we going to get any new info before E3?

    That has never been the case in either language, so I wouldn't worry.
  10. Captain Togawa

    The Incredibles as a world?

    I think Finding Nemo is the most likely. Two people added to your party, Dory and Nemo's dad. On second thought, they'd birth be terrible party members. Nemo's dad would be too afraid and run away while a Dory would forget what Heartless are every battle.
  11. Captain Togawa

    'Link'ing up with Friends Past

    I would prefer summons/links to work in this way. That way there could be more new worlds than returning worlds and the old worlds can still have some sort of representation.
  12. Invisibles and Angel Stars were my favorite heartless in the original game, so it was a shame they haven't made an appearance in a while.
  13. Captain Togawa

    Jungle book, Treasure planet?

    I'd rather have all Pixar worlds and no classic Disney worlds. I know I'm in the minority but I've always thought Pixar films were better. In fact, I've never been able to sit through any movie featured in the series thus far besides The Nightmare Before Christmas. I never finished The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast or Peter Pan. I know the stories BECAUSE of Kingdom Hearts. Nostalgia was never a draw to the series for me. I won't be mad if either of those worlds get included but I guess I don't understand the hype. Edit: Plus IMHO the new graphics look WAY better with Pixar worlds like Toy Story or newer Disney like Tangled. Herc looks weird to me.
  14. Captain Togawa

    Well,is the D23 event streamed?

    Unlike in the states, D23 Japan has never been livestreamed. In 2015, we got a couple of screenshots right after the event. There was also some media coverage that had a snippet of the trailer, but we didn't see most of the footage until Jump Festa (a month later). This is only the third D23 Japan, so it's not like it isn't possible.
  15. I've heard this idea so much over the years that if it does indeed happen, Square must mine the community for ideas. That being said, I think it's a really, REALLY good idea.