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  1. I highly doubt we ever gonna visit destiny island again at best only through cutscenes, but wouldn't it be nice to have it as some sort of mini level after the game ended? Just for nostalgia sake, i mean we started on that island in kh1 so returning and just exploring all those familiar places would be a nice little bonus.
  2. Hmm it could be data riku, i also heard some say that the second last one may be maleficient.
  3. Oh yeah true the data battles and lingering will i believe you get this gold/plate/silver crown, another thing Noctis king pose was inspired by that drawing of sora and what is noctis? A king, alright that's probably too farfetched, but a nice nod anyway. Something else too is that Sora is mostly a boy that was at the right time in the right spot when he got his keyblade giving the impression that he shouldn't have been special at all despite having this taking everyone's heart ability. Also his name means Sky and it's often hinted there is something about it. Its like Nomura is trying to make it look like sora isn't that special compared to the others, but behind it he actually is the biggest of them all.
  4. I have been thinking lately that during kingdom hearts Sora has a lot of king motives put into him. From the crown necklace he's wearing, to the crown motive that comes up when he's using his kebylade during closing worlds and such to some keyblades having it as keychain. Also in a lot of promotional art and covers Sora is always in a king leading position. The 2.8 one having him as the leading position and the iconic sitting in a throne with a little crown on his head. Another thing in the trailers of kingdom hearts 3 he's the King figure in the chess game. So all of this make me kinda think that Sora maybe be some sort of king in the end, maybe not a real king but in a more metaphorical way, like the king of the worlds, he's the only one so far that takes people hearts into himself to shelter them and so forth, kinda like a king protecting his civilians. After all the game is called Kingdom Hearts and for the word Kingdom you usually have a King. Maybe i'm looking into this too deep, but that's my thoughts at least.
  5. Well if we look at the latest trailer we see Sora picking up master Eraques Keyblade on destiny island, i could see it opening a path to where Aqua is and that's how he fights her. Which ever theory it is of she becoming norted or the one with her becoming a Heartless at one point she loses her keyblade, resulting it stranding on destiny Island. We see then that she probably beats up Riku resulting in his keyblade being broken and Mickey being trapped, thats probably how she gets mickeys keyblade.At least thats how i see it.
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