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  1. Sad to think so much pain could have been avoided if only they had invented cell phones in BBS first and Aqua had one in the Realm of Darkness. :cool:
  2. ^Yeah but 2.8 had her obviously struggling a lot even if she is good at resisting it. But at the same time you are kind of right, it is a little odd she'd be turned into a Xehanort now. Who knows though, it could be an illusion, I guess we'll have to wait and see. :happy: Although I like the idea of her being a Xehanort, I think it could be a very interesting plot point if done right.
  3. Honestly I think people are stretching this "Aqua isn't a Xehanort!" thing. I'm not against anyone's theories or trying to be rude but there is probably a 95% chance she is a Xehanort. Like others have mentioned, the yellow eyes=darkness thing was dis-proven a long time ago, it is likely because Aqua has been stuck in the Realm of Darkness for so long that she started to become a very easy target to be turned into a Xehanort. Xehanort may not have considered her at first but he's probably open to new ideas. I mean, technically it COULD just be an illusion but at this point I'm really leaning towards her being a Xehanort.
  4. I'm pretty sure Nomura said that yellow eyes=Xehanort, and not yellow eyes=darkness. So it is pretty safe to assume Aqua is in fact a Xehanort guys. Another thing, though this may not be canon, I saw some people talk about Sora picking up Master's Defender. What if Aqua actually sent it out before she got turned into Xehanort so someone else would find it and could find Ventus? I'm a little confused about that, because I'm not sure whether that is all that is required to find Ventus or if it has to be Aqua specifically.
  5. Oh my gosh. Aqua, a seeker of darkness? 10/10 plot twist way to go Nomura. (I'm serious.)
  6. This is kind of cool actually. I could see this being some sort of game like Re:Coded or Days was. It is funny that you thought of this before Dream Drop Distance, as it is kind of similar in some ways. Is Sora's heartless more tragic evil for wanting to get out or just a jerk? Maybe you should think of some dialogue for him if this were to be written into a larger story. Also no offense but you should use some more paragraphs, I had a bit of a hard time reading that all at once. But I do like your idea.
  7. Heck yeah, I'm sticking with this series until the end. Like someone else mentioned, I'm extremely interested in which direction MoM and Luxu's characters will end up going. Although that isn't the only reason I'm continuing the series, I hope MoM ends up being the next main villain. He's funny but intimidating in a way that I don't think any of the other "funny villains" really communicated right.
  8. Yeah this is....kinda disappointing for me. I'm glad they said another game will be coming soon though, if this had just been it for a while I would be pretty upset. I was never a GO fan and this entire game, as well as the fact that it focuses on Gen 1 pokemon (Of course it does...) bothers me a lot. And honestly I wish they would slow down with this series, the graphics look good but the over world and character models still have that chibi and almost mine craft like feel to it.
  9. Xaldin, I mean...he's just....there...... I liked his fight I guess?
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