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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. KH: Melody of Memory Overall I’d say it’s a 6/10. Positives that come mind, of course OST is just unbelievably good, Yoko Shimomura has never failed this franchise. This one I was shocked by, the voice acting is actually not that bad, I was wrong FF7R was not a one off SQEX have improved their localisation team, don’t get me wrong I still don’t like Alyson Stoner as Kairi, I think she is badly miscast But! The VO was not bad in this the actors were actually receiving direction so that’s a good sign for the future & of course we got more Christopher Lloyd as Master Xehanort which was great. Negatives on the other hand, the gameplay is fun but not enough to keep me hooked, though I understand it has its place. The story stuff is just bad, once again it’s another recap of the series further showing SQEXs lack of trust in the audience & the new story content actually pissed me off because In summary it’s just meh, kind of felt it should’ve just been a DLC for KH3 instead of full price release, although that being said I liked it more than Remind cause at least it was coherent & not nonsensical.
  2. Yoko Shimomura’s Music. Unquestionably her music is the best thing about KH & really the only truly great thing this series has given us.
  3. My Hope: Simple & Clean Realistically: Face my Fears I think they’ll only get Utada to do a new song for the numbered entries so don’t expect a new song until Kingdom Hearts 4
  4. Well there’s both truth & falsehood in there, The Jungle Book was cut from Birth by Sleep because they didn’t have time to finish it so it was scrapped, the character of King Louie was by Disney (Walt Disney himself in fact) he doesn’t exist in the book he was made for the film, so he is technically an original Disney character, afterwards Jim Cummings took over the role from Louis Prima & voiced him in the likes of Tailspin & so on. In the early 2000s Disney got into a legal dispute with Prima’s estate over the character which is why they didn’t feature him in much media, he wasn’t in The Jungle Book 2 which is probably why it wasn’t used for KH1 because not being able to use the character they couldn’t redo the films plot which side note would’ve been funny because Haley Joel Osment did his VO for both Mowgli & Sora around the same time & probably would’ve voiced him in KH1 but I digress. In House of Mouse King Louie is technically in it but because of the legal dispute they had rename him Larry & make him is brother which is complete BS because it’s clearly Louie, but I believe Disney won ultimately because they still feature the character in stuff he was prominent in The Jungle Book Remake & Cummings still voices hell he voiced him at the D23 Voice Actors panel last year & sung I Wanna Be Like You so I don’t think that’s a problem now.
  5. The Jungle Book! Reasons: It’s my favourite Disney Movie & IMO the best one. I want to Mowgli, Baloo & Bagheera interact with Sora, Donald & Goofy. It will be funny seeing Sora & Mowgli together on screen since Haley Joel Osment has voiced both of them.
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