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15 hours ago, Inçendyne said:

I'm guessing Story Mode is still bugged, leading raiding and Proud Mode inaccessible.

I think so.  I haven't seen much of anything updated recently.  I am able to access story mode now but I don't see anything new.  Maybe Proud Mode got updated and that was the recent for the download.

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Sorry if I’m misinterpreting here, but I don’t have any overwrite metals equipped as far as I know. (Although copying the 0.2 kairi I have seems to not have any effect at all now that I tested it)
I try to build my decks to adapt to what I have, but my original statement was more or less referring to the million health bars

But yeah I should prob update my decks

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so, your kairi medal in that screenshot is an overwrite medal. the way to tell the difference between an overwrite and a standard buff is whether there are arrows in the medal description

a buffer medal will say something like "str ⬆15, m-str ⬆15"
an overwrite medal will say "for 1 turn: str 15, m-str 15"

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