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Fixing Kingdom Hearts - Why “Good Enough” should have been left alone

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14 hours ago, ocean's rage said:

is it a good point or just another boring point made by someone who wants to "improve" the series by making it generic 

I agree with you part of why i always liked Kingdom hearts so much is that the way it presents itself other games can be compared with other games  only Kingdom Hearts is like kingdom hearts 

The only reason i would like to see a reboot or a more Traditional sequel by which i mean regular story telling is out of curiosity but thats really it i would never want the series to give up on its Special trait

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If Kingdom Hearts had stopped at 2 I probably wouldn't even like the series that much. KH1 remains my favorite but I found KH2 a underwhelming sequel during my first years with the series. I may not like everything that happened in Kingdom Hearts but it's insane nature is one of the reasons why I love the series as a whole.

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