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An Organization of our own!

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Moved to forum games... because holy shit look at all of those one-liners.

Okay, all you have to do is create your own character and then you can do anything you want here! (Oh and you can also fight here, just no swearing) :P To join the web family you need to give me these details:


*Note that I am NOT asking for your real details. I meant your character's details.




Eye color:

Hair color:

Hair length:



Appearance: (e.g. clothes. adding images is okay)



This is my character's bio:


Name: Akira

Age: 18

Eye color: Green

Hair color: light brown

Hair length: Shoulder-length

Weapon: Two (big) fumma Shurikens, like Yuffie's

Power: Physical power, fights with shurikens, legs and fists

Appearance: Wears an orange shirt which reaches until slightly below the ribcage, and an orange cape. Also wears a pair of orange short shorts and brown knee-high boots. Wears orange gloves.

Personality: Tomboyish. Is a Ninja and likes to train and fight. Favorite color is orange (lol) and has no interest in love.


Web Family Members:


-Akira (SoraakaRoxas) [superior]

- Lee Kuro (Lee Kuro 10) [Vice Superior]

- Jester (F[r]iend)

- Tori (PrincessToriAlly15)

- alexis mizuke (im-axel-fear-me-NOW)

- "wilson" (kairiwilson1)

- Troy (Blazer)

- Namine (jenyflo5483)

- Dante (DeathSkull3000)

- Rohan (Roxas 13)

- Ken (nickjonasxx)

- Iris Era (CodedByDays)

- Harle (xionultima)

-Aryxa (JesusFreak)


If confirmed, I will give you a special title. If I have told you about this, you may choose one from below:


- Vice Superior [taken]

- Reporter

- Fighter

- Soldier

- Watcher

- Servant? (lol)

- Collector

- Inventor


Ask me if you have any questions regarding the titles.



- NO double-posting

- NO swearing


To join, either PM me or comment below. :(

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Age:aging stoped at 18 [REAL age is over 150 years old]

Eye color: brown

Hair color:brown[dyed] RED [natrule]

Hair length:sholders

Weapon: Shuanggou http://www.gungfu.com/pics_info_pages/swords_chinese_twin_hook.jpg

Power: can clock... he can also do alot of other stuff he just dosent know how to

Appearance: weres a camo jacket and camo pants all the time all thought he dose were a org 13 cloak he only wears it doring specel stuff

Personality: LOVES PARTYS careing and all the stuff

plays his gutair ever day

short bio: lived in japan along time ago but after the death of a person vary close to him he chold not stand liveing anymore

after becomeing a nobody he looked for the killer but never found him

untill a few weeks ago

now he just living to protect the people he lives with

other:Loves winter

sems to like playing Death Metal

NOTE: is named after the Jester Race album and the song SYSTEM

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Name: Lee Kuro

Age: 19

Eye color: Grey

Hair color: Brown

Hair length: Down to lower back

Weapon: Wolf's Keyblade

Power: Controls shadows. Now has the ability to explode shadows and summon dangerous creatures...

Appearance: Black sneakers, black jeans, black and silver striped t-shirt under cropped black jacket that's usually tied around her waist unless she's fighting. She wears two black bangles on her left wrist, a black watch on her right, and a black seashell locket around her neck (like the ones in Mermaid Melody, but she's not a mermaid).

Personality: Tough, tomboy, stubborn, yet helpful, nice to talk to (if you don't tick her off) and loves anything to do with fighting.

She's also secretly an ice skater, but doesn't want others to know because she doesn't want them to think she's girly.

Quick Bio: Lee was a loner. She traveled from world to world, helping in the battle of Heartless (on Sora's side). But then she found the Organization, where she found a place to belong to. She joined and has been there ever since.

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Height:Around 5'5,is the same height as Sora

Age:13(phsyically 15)

Eye color:Bright green

Hair color:Black

Hair length:Shoulder length

Weapon:Hikari's Sanctuary(Custom Keyblade)

Power:Controls Light and Darkness,mostly attacks with her weapon,but will use force when needed,is a major magic user

Appearance:Light purple tank top that's connected to a ribbon around her neck,dark purple capris,white slip-ons,wears a lot of sliver bangles around her left arm,and a black wristband on her right.She wears this long hairband(purple)in her hair that lets her bangs flow freely

Personality:Creative and funny,cares about her friends,strong and intelligent,is somewhere between girly-girl and tomboy.Loves to sing,daydream and draw.


She has a Nobody named Lilith,and a Heartless named Anastasia.Lili and Ana for short.

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Name: alexis mizuke

Age: stopped at 13

Eye color: blue-green

Hair color: black with red highlights

Hair length: as short as kairis/xions

Weapon: weapons kindof like chakrams but...not...im gonna upload a pic and then past it on this post

Power: fire

Appearance: ill upload a pic

Personality: a little bit cocky, loves fighting. she can be really forgetful and clueless at times. shes also witty and loves pulling pranks on the others.


she also loves to sing and do musicy type things (hard rock screamo stuff). i know someone that sounds a lot like i want her too ^^ she also enjoys drawing

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Name: "Wilson" (obviously is an alias, she doesn't use her real name.)

Age: 19

Eye color: Yellow-gold (sorta like Xigbar's eyes...but a tad bit darker.)

Hair color: Black...with neon pink streaks for her bangs. (because only Wilson can pull that off. xD)

Hair length: Long hair in a messy ponytail with her bangs hanging over her left eye.

Weapon: No-Name Keyblade (because I can't think of a name for it)



A dragon-like keyblade (not like Fatal Crest, that was fail. ). The head of the blade is the head of the dragon, the open mouth has sharp teeth, and the ears and "hair" of the dragon head are sharp and spiky. The body of the dragon wraps around the blade, and the tail wraps into the handle. The sides of the handle are sorta like Axel's chakrams. The dragon part of the keyblade is covered in scales and patterens two colors of red: dark "blood" red, and a tad lighter red of the same color. The blade part of the keyblade is silver. The keychain is a smaller version of my dragon pendent.



Power: I put it in a spoiler tag since it's a long description. : (I'm sorry, I'm descriptive..xD)



Wilson cannot use magic, though she has three general attacks. He first attack is simply quick jabs with her daggers and elbowing her opponents when she's close. Her second attack is a slower move, where she jumps into the air and attacks from above. Her third attack is what you'd call her "special move" or whatever, where her speed and attack are enhanced and she slides across the battlefield and strikes the opponent multiple times, faster than a blink of the eye.

Obviously she is very agile. Strong in strength, weak in defense.



Appearance: Again...



"GIRL. Long, black hair held back in a messy ponytail. Yellow/Gold eyes. Wears heavy black eyeliner, but other than that she has light make-up on to get the "natural" look. Bangs hang out are are streaked neon pink. Outfit: plain black tank top, plaid yellow and black scarf, black skinny jeans, plaid neon pink and black mini-school like skirt (whatever the hell they're called ), black and lime green checkered belt, fish net glove on the left arm, black combat boots with lime green laces on the right shoe and red on the other, and a silver dragon pendent."



Personality: Quiet and reserved at first, but after she opens up a little she's the usual, witty, smartass she is. Generally in a good mood, piss her off and she'll turn defensive and independent.



wow, it's so helpful having that saved somewhere. xD

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Eye color:Green(What?greens awesome >.<)


Hair length:2-3 in.

Weapon:Road of the twilight(its like riku's keyblade,but its silver)


Appearence:Boy.black spikey hair that is waved back(kinda like terras).Hair is black.He wears a jacket thats same as leons,but its white.Has a brown,studded belt and long pants.He wears a black tang-top under the jacket.He wears black sandals and a silver chain necklace with a dragon.He doesnt wear anything on his hands.

Personality:Hes usually relaxed and calm,but when you tick him off,he gets fiesty.Hes very caring for the people around him,but he tries to hide his emotions.Hes also an arrogant one,who thinks he can handle most things that he comes across,and is very shy with girls.

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Name: Namine (lolz i just love that name but my character isn't really like her xD)


Age: 15


Eye color: ocean blue


Hair color: light brown with blondish tips in the back and some in her bangs


Hair length: short layers like a little bit above her shoulders (i guess like kairi's X3)


Weapon: 2 keyblades; oblivion & oathkeeper (dammit i just lovez those 2 <33)


Power: speed combined with strength; magic isn't her strongest ability but she can use it especially gravity (& light i guess...not sure how to explain it xD kind of like roxas)


Appearance: tight black skinny jeans with some holes on the knees, checkered tank, black glove on right hand with one ripped off finger (index) and silver ring fitting snugly there, bangs swept off to the right side covering part of the eye, choking necklace on (or however you call it, it's still pretty darn cool to me X3), white wristand on arm (yeah i know, WRISTBAND on ARM, lolz i just think it looks good), black slip ons, and medium silver round earrings, light blush always on her cheeks and only strengthens when emberrased.


Personality: is pretty shy but opens up when meets you, is pretty independent, friendly and kind, appearance may say differently but she does like to help as much as she can, tries to hide some emotions, blushes when emberrased, and gets very defensive when she feels like she needs to, she likes to be strong and is brave too. only weakness is the truth of her past.

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Name: Dante

Age: 19

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Black

Hair length: I don't excatlly know how long, but it is down to his neck

Weapon: Two Katanas put together (Can be pulled apart), and a Philadelphia Deringer (old pistol)

Power: I was orginally choosing Shadow, but someone took it :P. So I will choose Soul. He can summon souls from the dead, can escape his own body, and control someone's soul or take over them. He can also use Alchemy

Appearance: Has black hair (His hair style is like Lelouch from Code Geass), and blue eyes. Wears a long red coat. He has a black shirt and baggy tan pants. He has two rings, a white one on the right hand, and a black one on the left. Has white skin. He is a 6'3.

Personality: He is a quiet. Doesn't talk much. He is always alone. But he doesn't enjoy being alone. He usually likes having a companion or two. When he is alone, he would play his harmonica. When he is with people, he is caring. He would do anything for them. When he is battle, he is always calm, and plans out his attack. Also, he may become selfish, and if you have a secret, or something like that, he will use his power. Even on his friends. But only for the right cause.

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Eye color:Red

Hair color:Red

Hair length:shoulders

Weapon:The Twilt Keyblade

Power: Magics,the power to summon creatures, special attack

Appearance: As tall as axel, wears a black and white shirt with a checkered black and white vest with a black and white pants and sneakers.

Personality: Willing to help anyone in need and he cares a lot about his friends despite the fact he doesn't have a mom or dad.

He has a goal to master his twilt powers and avenge his brother that was sucked .away by the darkness

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Name: Ken

Age: 22

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Hair length: Short, spiked

Weapon: The Kingdom of the Sun

Power: Strength, ninja-like moves

Appearance: 5'10", wears a black hoodie t-shirt, with long jeans, with military boots.

Short bio: Ken is a level 5 in the army (which is very high in my universe) and is desperately trying to find the man who killed his mentor, only to find out who hired the hitman...


I might write a story about this...tell me what you think

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This sounds fun! here's mine:


Name:Iris Era (Though some people, just to annoy her, combine her first and last names and call her Ira)

Age:14 approx.

Eye color:Green

Hair color:Black

Hair length:Down to her ankles

Weapon:Doesn't have one

Power:She has the ability to replicate another's powers (they still keep there own) by focusing on them and touching them. The time that she can use the power is doubled from the time that she touches them. Other than that strength, she's pretty useless, but she's agile.

Appearance: This is going to be long, so:



Iris is very short, about 4 foot 9 inches, and she has light skin. Her hair is in two low braids that almost touch the floor, and she has one stray hair in the front of her face that's shoulder length. The only time that she ever clips it back is when she goes into battle, and she does so with a small, green hairclip. Her eyes are dark green and they have snake-like pupils. She has green markings on each arm, starting at her wrists and ending at the start of her elbows. These markings light up when she replicates powers. She normally covers the markings up with green and black gloves. She also wears a short black dress (think kairi length) with a small slit in the side. She wears green capris under them and black ballet flats. Accessories aren't really her thing, but she wears a green scarf and belt.



Personality: She doesn't show her real personality very much, only in battle. The rest of the time, she is childish and odd, acting much younger. She gets on other's nerves easily, which sometimes involves giving them unwanted nicknames, and having a bad habit of repeating things. When she does show her personality, however, she seems like a force to be reckoned with. She has intelligence beyond her years, and it shows.

EDIT: Woah...I just realized that she looks like Tori's... sorry!

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O_O Wow didn't expect this much replies lol. Well, your all accepted!! :( Besides, all of your character descriptions are cool!!!


Now we can chat and discuss and fight each other anytime we want!! Of course, new members would be cool. :P

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Jester: we made a organization now what do we do

sit here and wait for a a plane to crash

nope i have not seen birdy yet today

in fact were have you been today?

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"Oooooooh!! plane crashes would be fun! we could get lots and lots and lots of hearts that way!

Actually, though, it's a secret, what i've been doing. But I'll tell you anyway!!! Ya see, I was sneaking into the others' rooms!"

*Iris stops smiling and realizes that she just let that slip.*

"Oh, I mean, I was going into the other's rooms to look for Birdy. I haven't found any trace of him......."

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Name: Harle :3


Eye color :Green

Haircolor: Blond

Hair length : to shoulders

Weapon: Magical energy she can make between : A light blue silverissh version of the Soul eater thats thinner and longer, orbs that she can make explode hit enemies and reappear, and a piece of energy she can fire fast like a bullet *all the weapons glow*

power: Time and destruction tied to the moon

Appearence : medium highth red coat light blue silky baggy pants

personality : Mysterious no one seems to know her true intentions seems to be on evil side yet randomely shows up to help the good guys and sometimes even fights the good guys

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Harle: Dont worry about it *makes enery into her exploding orbs weapon* Riku: I'm not letting another organization start! * Draws soul eater * *Harles orbs glow red circle riku fly up and down real fast and explode all at once on Riku, Riku is injured so bad hes nearly dead*

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