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KH3D Impressions of KH3D, Jump Festa 2012 trailer & demo

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HA! I knew we hadn't seen the last of Vanitas!! I'm so pumped that he's gonna be in the series some more. He's such a good villain. :) And it takes away from some of Xehanort's role. Don't get me wrong, I love him as a villain, but it's nice to have another dominating villain of the series. I am quite curious about how Axel will be involved...but hey, whatever. (: I suddenly can't wait for this game!

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Wait! Maybe...They'll look different than their original appearances...did they say anything about...

  • Ventus?
  • Terra(original)?
  • Aqua?
  • Roxas?
  • Xion?
  • Namine?
  • Eraqus?
  • Kairi?
  • Any possible relative of Sora that has been missing for a long time? Any father, or brother?

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I'm already mindfiretrucked and I haven't even watched the trailer. I'm guessing this is the revived Xehanort? Doesn't make any sense for him to be in an Org coat.




Terra-Xehanort in an Organization coat? Clearly not MF.


Holy shit....

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