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  1. Aqua easily takes both bosses down. Terra/Ven have much more difficulty (and don't even get me started on unknown)
  2. There is actually a legitimate argument depending on how you view Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution plus a long-forgotten section of the 14th amendment on the validity of the public debt that defaulting on the debt is unconstitutional (and SCOTUS agrees- Perry v. United States (1935))
  3. Actually the 2nd statement (the one about our service members) isn't true. President Obama signed a bill (the ONE thing that both houses were able to agree upon) that will continue to give pay to active members of the military
  4. LOL. I think someone's suffering from KH withdrawal
  5. This really makes me angry. Not everyone can afford a 400 dollar system every couple of years (though I am happy that 3 finally was released
  6. I like the new Snow- he's a patron of a city in this new game who is haunted by his failure to protect Serah- it looks appropriate!
  7. I did not see it coming. I'm glad that they're starting to finish the project up thought- More Kingdom Hearts for us!
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