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KH3D [Ultimate Spoiler] Nomura Interview+α Photos from KH3D Ultimania

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Those keyblade drawing >¬> those are nice. And it looks like his whip is part of his keyblade?


Oh must be patient and wait for translatinons. Uhuhuhuh.

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Translation by http://nenilein.tumblr.com/ and http://the-terranort...ort.tumblr.com/, via http://www.khinsider...t/view/2593/1/.


“As for the who the ‘7 Guardians of Light’ and the ‘13 Seekers of Darkness’ might respectively be, I’d like to ask you to think about this for yourself for a while.”

Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

Interview: Tetsuya Nomura


With Master Xehanort’s Ambitions revealed, the plot is thickening in the Kingdom Hearts Series. We spoke to Director Nomura, not just about the mysteries surrounding his work, but also the future of the series.


“The Free-Flow-Action System was Implemented to show the Direction we want to lead the Series into.”

‘When did you start planning for KH3D?’

Nomura: That was during the production of KHBbS. We didn’t originally plan to start thinking about the next game so soon already, but as soon as I saw the Nintendo 3DS, inspiration hit me.


‘KH already has a reputation of being spread across many different consoles, but what was that special inspiration that hit you when you saw the 3DS?’

Nomura: The Free-Flow-Action System was already something I definitely wanted to try with the next KH game I make, so the one idea I really only got after I had seen the 3DS was the “Dive Mode”. In KH1 and KH2, you generally use a Gumi Jet as means of traveling, but this time, I wanted to think of something that makes you feel like you were jumping and falling right into the world. What I can say with certainity is that I feel like the Dive-System was the very first thing that came to me, and starting with this, I began to decide on the rest of the game’s system.


‘Why did you decide that you were going to implement the Free-Flow-Action?’

Nomura: Aside from the KH Series, more and more different Action RPGs, like Final Fantasy Versus XIII have been made and I wanted to have something that makes Kingdom Hearts clearly different from those other games. I wanted to clearly show the direction in which we want to take the series, so when I began to think what might be the best representation of what Kingdom Hearts “is”, I came to the conclusion, that unrealistic stunts and jumps, as well as maneuvers that’d be risky or even impossible in real life are something very defining for the action of the games. So I came up with the concept of Free-Flow-Action


‘Wasn’t it hard to ensure that this system wouldn’t end up as unpleasant to play with or a downright failure, but work smoothly?”

Nomura: Well, the staff certainly didn’t think the idea was good. (laughs) If you allow the characters to preform huge jumps like this freely, it’d be hard to determine where they would end up if you don’t support every action of the player, so when I first mentioned the idea, the staff thought that this would be hard to get under control. However, after I explained to them that this was just the direction I had decided I want to take the KH games, they finally went along with it.


‘In previous KH games you generally had to collect abilities from treasure boxes if you wanted to be able to preform stunts like the “Hi-Jump”, but this time around, things like this things are all included in the Free-Flow-Action, right?”

Nomura: “Well, actually, this is a pretty interesting topic. When using Free Fall Action, your controll over the character’s movement is somewhat limited, so you can’t use it for precise jumps, which is why we left acquirable abilities, like “Hi Jump” in the game. I think that this is one of the great strengthes of the system, it gives the game a unique flavor compared to other KH titles, while not dragging down the ammount of control you have during gameplay.

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Thanks for posting - the pictures and the article are fascinating! :D I love the concept art of the Keyblades; they are beautifully and intricately detailed.

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More from http://www.gamefaqs....99&user=5436790


Q: Who are the thirteen researchers of darkness?

A: Thirteen seekers of darkness that share a consciousness and heart with Master Xehanort, serving as raw material for the X-Blade. In this game, they failed in their attempts to make Sora the 13th of their ranks, but who's to become the 13th in his stead? And who are the six whose identities have not been revealed?


Q: What happened to Terra's heart and body?


A: In this game, Master Xehanort does not appear in the form of Terra-Xehanort when he transferred his heart, but as the old man he was before he took control of Terra's body. During the revival, what happened to Terra's body, and Terra's heart that was in opposition to Xehanort's control? In Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep, it is to be considered that it was thought the whereabouts of the heart of Terra's master, Eraqus rested within his body.


Q: What happens to Lea hereafter now that he has become a Keyblade wielder?

A: Lea, having returned to his human form, chosen by the Keyblade. Does him getting a Keyblade have anything to do with his best friend Roxas? And is there a possibility that Lea's become one of the protectors of Light?


Q: Who are the seven protectors of light?

A: The current whereabouts of Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, who are to become part of the seven protectors of light in opposition to the thirteen seekers of darkness (with the exception of their 13th member), are currently unknown. Can they return to Sora? Who is the last member?


Q: When do Riku and Terra meet again?


A: In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Terra made a promise to Riku, "anyway, when you reach me, let's teach the world the power to protect the ones we love, and the truly spacious world we live in", in case he should ever succeed him. It appears Riku has remembered this promise, but when will the two ever meet again?

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Hm... Is it strange to think that Vanitas can somehow return and become the 13th member of the "new Org.XIII"? xD


And I think that there are no Nobodies in the "new Org.XIII", so I think that some of the hooded characters in the Room That Nothing Gathers can be the "Somebodies" of Luxord, Demyx, Marluxia and Larxene... But... Aeleus and Ienzo are seen to be in Radiant Garden with Lea... I don't know who the other two can be xD Maybe one of them is Terranort? xP

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