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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Japanese portal site updates System, Characters and Music tabs


The official Japanese portal site for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has updated with details on story, guest party members, and new confirmed music tracks

You can read descriptions for each of the sections below thanks to KH13 staff member @Ryuji_Shiryu




Guest Member 




You can summon Mickey to assist you with an item called King's Call. King's Call calls upon Mickey and adds him as a fourth party member to your party. He can provide rhythm support, as well as special bonuses that tally towards your score. 


A number of additional tracks have been confirmed for the game. You can view the full list of confirmed tracks below. 

Kingdom Hearts


A Day in Agrabah

A Very Small Wish

An Adventure in Atlantica

Arabian Dream

Bustin'Up on the Beach

Captain Hook's Pirate Ship

Destiny Islands

Destiny's Force

End of the World

Fragments of Sorrow

Go for It!

Guardando nel buio

Hand in Hand

Hollow Bastion

Kairi I

Monstrous Monstro

Night of Fate

Olympus Coliseum

Pirate's Gigue

Scherzo Di Notte

Shrouding Dark Cloud

Spooks of Halloween Town

Squirming Evil

This is Halloween

To Our Surprise

Traverse Town

Under the Sea

Welcome to Wonderland


Kingdom Hearts - Final Mix - 


Another Side

One-Winged Angel (from FINAL FANTASY VII)

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories 


Castle Oblivion

Forgotten Challenge

Lord of the Castle


The Force in You

Kingdom Hearts II 


Adventures in the Savannah

Byte Bashing

Dance of the Daring

Darkness of the Unknown

Deep Drive

Desire for All That Is Lost

Fields of Honor

Lazy Afternoons

Magical Mystery

Monochrome Dreams

Old Friends, Old Rivals

Passion ~ opening version ~

Reviving Hollow Bastion


Rowdy Rumble


Sacred Moon

Savannah Pride

Scherzo Di Notte

Sinister Shadows

Sinister Sundown


Space Paranoids

Tension Rising

The 13th Dilemma

The 13th Struggle

The Afternoon Streets

The Home of Dragons

The Underworld

Vim and Vigor

Waltz of the Damned

What Lies Beneath

Working Together

Part of Your World

Kingdom Hearts II - Final Mix -


Fate of the Unknown

Happy Holidays!

Rage Awakened

The Other Promise

What A Surprise ?!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days


Another Side --Battle Ver.-

Crossing to Neverland

Fight and Away

Musique pour la tristesse de Xion

Secret of Neverland

Vector to the Heavens

Kingdom Hearts Re: coded


No More Bugs !!

Wonder of Electron

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep




Black Garden

Black Powder

Castle Escapade

Daydream upon Neverland


Enter the Darkness

Future Masters

Hau'oli, Hau'oli

Máka ukau?

Mickey Mouse March

Neverland's Scherzo

Radiant Garden

Rage Awakened -The Origin-

Risky Romp


The Encounter -Birth by Sleep Version-

The Promised Beginning

The Rustling Forest

The Secret Whispers

The Silent Forest

The Tumbling

Up Down Adventure


Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]


Access the Grid

All for One


Deep Drop

Digital Domination

Hand to Hand

La Cloche

Le Sanctuaire

L'Impeto Oscuro

L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto

Majestic Wings

One for All

Prankster's Party

Sacred Distance

The Eye of Darkness

The Fun Fair

Traverse in Trance

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage - 


Wave of Darkness I

Kingdom Hearts III 


Graveyard Labyrinth

Happy Hair Day

Monster Smash!

Rise of the Union

Robot Overdrive


Let It Go 
You've Got Friend -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-

Kingdom Heart Orchestra -World Tour- Album




Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts


Hand in Hand

Sora --Allegro con brio

Working Together --Allegro vivace

Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle


Medley of Conflict

Other Titles 


Circle of Life

A Whole New World 

Beauty and the Beast

What do you think of all this information as we near closer to Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory's release? Let us know in the comments below! 

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

I've calculated the songs and they're around 140 now, which is a shame since some good ones may not get into the game (The Disappeared, The Corrupted, A Fight to the Death, The Deep End, A Night on the Bare Mountain, Dance to the Death...). But I hope I'm wrong. There may be more songs to that list.

And there was nothing regarding The Caribbean/Port Royal and Winnie the Pooh, which worries me as well

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Circle of Life? A Whole New World? Those have definitely never been in KH (though the Corona battle theme does kind of sound like "I can show you the world...").


So they kind of lied when they said the only new tracks would be the Dearly Beloved and Credits.

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Yeah! I'm so glad "Namine theme music" is in the game. Still no "Twister -Kingdom Mix-" and "Labyrinth of Ice" musics? Sad man.

Edited by Movies798

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1 minute ago, ocean's rage said:

imagine if they do dlc


How much music would be left if they wanted to do that XD


Although, this game is 3/4 a recap of the series right? So if they did make DLC would it be entirely new content????

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6 minutes ago, Aqua_Wren said:

I believe they've already said they have no plans at all for DLC.

Yeah cause the story would have already been told in the game along with any small extras we didn't know before, so there wouldn't really be anything else to add.

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Adding more songs later on would be nice

More specifically the data battle themes, or even Yozora's

Or stuff like Mickey's Last Stand and Scala theme

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From the updated list we just got, it's not

All the songs in total now are 143, it's over the 140+ songs they always stated

Maybe they are keeping some a secret, that's yet to be seen

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Sounds to me that we might see some things from Kairi's POV. Such as Destiny Islands fall into darkness. How she ended up at End of the World during the first game's ending. And/or how she and Pluto got away from Axel before Saix captured them.

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I feel like I'm alone in thinking that the old style KH3 Kairi model is strange looking, not sure what it is but something looks weird about it. Maybe I'm just not used to it.

In any case, the game looks gorgeous and I'm hyped to see both Neverland tracks for Days confirmed.

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If the demo is any indication, they might be using the original PS2 versions of some of these tracks in terms of KH1 and KH2. You really notice if you compare the in-game Welcome To Wonderland with the HD ReMIX version of the track, they got those synthy sounds, lol. I'm not sure why they would willingly go for an inferior version of a track that they already went out of their way to recompose for modern consoles, especially in a game where the music is front and center. I don't know, maybe they did it because they thought it would sound more "nostalgic" and therefore easier for veterans to expect particular sound ques? It just seems like a weird decision, it's gonna sound inconsistent with the quality of the later titles.

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