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  1. I'll keep it old school and vote Misty. I have had preferences for tomboys & redheads ever since thanks to her.
  2. Sora is the mid-point between Ven & Aqua: speedy with some magic. Riku is Terra/Aqua: Darkness+magic Kairi thus should be Terra/Ven: Light element+raw power.
  3. Prediction: SSB will be totally dope y'all.
  4. If you want the best possible performance, then get an XBox One X.
  5. The story events of TS1, TS2, & BH6 have already happened in the KH continuity, that's all there is to it. KH is not in continuity with the films themselves.
  6. It'll probably be the Keyblade War for multiplayer.
  7. Leaked footage of the Switch version: I should note that this is without the Day 1 patch of 24GB so it might look better when it's out.
  8. If we wanna play that game, Final Fantasy was born on Nintendo. So I guess FF should've stayed Nintendo-exclusive. Of course if FF7-10 were Nintendo exclusives, Square probably would've released KH1 as a Gamecube exclusive out of habit for developing primarily on Nintendo platforms.
  9. I'm under the impression that "worlds" are not planets, but independent universes & that the galaxy of Lilo & Stitch is all collectively 1 world. The spaceship travels through the physical space of it's reality while the gummi ship travels interdimensionally (through Innerspace as Cid put it).
  10. Think you're missing some since I heard it was 172 not counting duplicates. & Hardyz aren't in.
  11. KH3 Switch port with exclusive Master Sword-styled Keyblade. (which can then be dual wielded alongside the inevitable lightsaber keyblade)
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