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  1. I'll keep it old school and vote Misty. I have had preferences for tomboys & redheads ever since thanks to her.
  2. Sora is the mid-point between Ven & Aqua: speedy with some magic. Riku is Terra/Aqua: Darkness+magic Kairi thus should be Terra/Ven: Light element+raw power.
  3. Prediction: SSB will be totally dope y'all.
  4. The story events of TS1, TS2, & BH6 have already happened in the KH continuity, that's all there is to it. KH is not in continuity with the films themselves.
  5. Leaked footage of the Switch version: I should note that this is without the Day 1 patch of 24GB so it might look better when it's out.
  6. If we wanna play that game, Final Fantasy was born on Nintendo. So I guess FF should've stayed Nintendo-exclusive. Of course if FF7-10 were Nintendo exclusives, Square probably would've released KH1 as a Gamecube exclusive out of habit for developing primarily on Nintendo platforms.
  7. I'm under the impression that "worlds" are not planets, but independent universes & that the galaxy of Lilo & Stitch is all collectively 1 world. The spaceship travels through the physical space of it's reality while the gummi ship travels interdimensionally (through Innerspace as Cid put it).
  8. Think you're missing some since I heard it was 172 not counting duplicates. & Hardyz aren't in.
  9. KH3 Switch port with exclusive Master Sword-styled Keyblade. (which can then be dual wielded alongside the inevitable lightsaber keyblade)
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