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  1. I definitely agree with the epilogue thing. Toy Story 3 is the ending to the Andy story, but Toy Story 4 is the end for Woody's arc. I'm honestly surprised at how people lashed out at Bonnie for losing interest, but in all fairness, it's an incredibly accurate depiction of a kid. I do get that the ending of Toy Story 3 seems to paint Bonnie in an unfavorable light in 4, but I don't see why it's a bad thing for Bonnie to lose interest in Woody. Andy already let the toys go and wasn't going to come back for them. They're Bonnie's toys now, like it or not.
  2. I've gotten to see it twice (first time as part of a marathon with the other three), and I've got to say that it was way better than I expected it. I really liked Forky a lot more than I thought, and "I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away" was hilarious. Gabby Gabby was an interesting antagonist for the story, though she's not as good as past villains from Toy Story, but that's mostly due to the fact that she's not a villain. I really liked the ending, especially the goodbyes between Woody and the gang. I've seen people up in arms over how it ends, but I think this was the only way it could've ended for Woody. Bonnie had moved on from Woody, and Woody finally found a new purpose in helping other toys find their own kids to be with. The ending, to me, really sells that a fifth Toy Story would be nearly impossible without leaving out either Woody or Buzz. It's not Toy Story without the two of them together. I hope that they'll continue the Toy Story Toons with the further adventures of Woody and Buzz, or that they'll make more shorts of the Andy days.
  3. Here's a few I can think of: Photon Debugger: First transformation binds itself to Sora's arm, allowing him to lob energy balls at enemies. If you've seen the original Tron, this is based on the equipment for the Ring Game. Second transformation would allow Sora to access a similar keyboard to Tron's limit, allowing him to attack using data (think Tron's limit). Finisher would be a Recognizer, firing lasers in various lines. Dual Disc: Solo transformation turns it into two Identity Discs. Sora can throw them at range or use them for quick melee attacks. Finisher would have Sora throw the Identity Discs in a circle around himself. Oathkeeper: Solo transformation turns it into wings on Sora's back and two small daggers. Sora's able to glide around freely and attack quickly. Finisher would be a quick series of slashes that allow a blinding light to come through. The last idea I have is for a Keyblads of mine, so bear with me. Behold, the Lost Legend. First transformation would be a greatsword. Heavier, slower strikes, but designed to deal more damage to one specific target, rather than Hyper Hammer's area attacks. Second transformation would shift it into a sword and shield. These would be quicker attacks, also making Sora's guarding abilities better and he's much more difficult to stagger when blocking. Finisher for this would be banging the sword on the shield to stun the enemies in front of Sora, before charging forward and knocking them away. This would require forward thought of positioning to get the best possible effect.
  4. ~Johnny and Hope, Besaid Island~ Johnny nods to Zaruka, "Alright then, let's be off." With that, he started walking towards the mountain pass, and Hope followed closely behind him. ~Jaina, North of Ultimecia's Tower~ Jaina looked up at the cliff face and smiled, "We can scale it. You can fly up there, I'll climb." With that, Jaina began finding her footholds and handholds and began to climb up the surface. Things like this, she could manage. ~Zest, Cornelia Castle~ Zest looked to Vivi, "As soon as Luna is rested, I will take you to see Materia." Zest's attention then turned to Marle, "Yes, I admit this is all a bit much to take in for someone so new to this conflict." ~Zidane, Prima Vista/Lunar Subterrane~ Zidane looked to Chrono, "Yeah, we'd better check it out. This world is weird enough as is." (Sorry for taking so long to reply, everyone!)
  5. ~Zidane, Prima Vista/Lunar Subterrane~ Zidane looked down to Jessica, "You can say that again!" Zidane then turned his attention to Chrono, "Seems like it to me! The Prima Vista wouldn't be able to travel to space on my world anyway! So someone else here must've gone to the moon!" Zidane's attention then turns to Jessica, and the thief jumps from his place on the ship down to her level, "And it seems like we're able to breath and move around normally." Something in the distance caught his eyes, though, and Zidane began to focus on it, "Hey, look at that star right there." Zidane pointed out a peculiar star that seemed to shimmer, unlike the other stars in the sky. "Something's definitely up. Just like in Alexandria and the Prima Vista." ~Bartz, Narshe~ Bartz tilted his head to the side, confused by Neku's words, "High? What do you mean? We're standing at pretty much the same place, I'm not higher than you at all." Bartz shook his head, "Anyway, I don't think I'm an alien. I mean, I could be, but I've always thought that I was human! So did most everyone who I partnered with!"
  6. ~Johnny and Hope, Besaid Island~ Hope smiled at Zaruka, "It's good to meet you too!" He then turned his attention to Johnny, "What were you two doing before I showed up?" Johnny pointed towards the mountain pass, "We were heading that way. I investigated it earlier, and I found out that this beach we're on is a strange illusion." "An illusion?" Hope asked, shocked at the possibility. Johnny nodded, "Right. Down that way is a totally different landscape. If anyone else is here, they're out there." Johnny's attention turned to Zaruka, "Hey, what's going on? You blanked out for a second there." Like Johnny could talk about blanking out. His thoughts still raced on seeing Variuer here again. ~Jaina, North of Ultimecia's Tower~ Jaina smirked at the young boy, "First thing to learn about being a scavenger: keep careful watch of your surroundings. We're making progress, don't worry." She did notice the fatigue setting in with Janus, and she felt the pity resting on her shoulders. She spoke up, "You doing okay, kid? I can carry you for a bit if you need to rest your legs." ~Zest, Cornelia Castle~ Zest nodded to both Vivi and Marle, "Marle and Vivi. It is good to meet you two." Zest turned his attention to the young mage, "This world is built of constructs made from memories of those summoned by the gods. The princess who called this place home seem to be here, but I know this place. I started a great adventure here, where I was called by the king to rescue Princess Sarah from a man called Garland." Zest shook his head, "Forgive me, I must explain the scenario you two have found yourself in, starting with Cosmos and Chaos." "Once, a great war raged upon this land between the goddess of harmony and the god of chaos. Each summoned warriors of various worlds to do battle for control over the land. I was once a warrior of Cosmos, and Luna and I were there to stop that war forever. Cosmos was felled by Chaos, but she granted her warriors her power to continue in the world without her. We stopped Chaos and returned to our own worlds. Now a new goddess and a new god reign over this land. I was summoned by Materia, the goddess, as was Luna. The other god is called Spiritus, and he fights Materia for control like Chaos before him. Materia seeks to rebuild this world, by calling warriors here to battle the monsters from our memories to breath new life into the world." Zest stood up and walked towards the window, looking out towards the tower, "I understand this is a lot to take in, especially for both of you." (I'll do Variuer, Zidane and Bartz after KeyofRose and kingdomhearts45 post.)
  7. ~Johnny and Hope, Besaid Island~ "Well," Hope thought to moments ago, when he had just been falling. "I was on an airship with my friends. We were going through a portal, when I was surrounded by a bright light. Then I just started falling and...well, you see where that got us." Johnny couldn't help but chuckle a bit, "Guess out of the three of us, you're the only one who knew when you got here." Johnny turned his attention to Zaruka, "If your friends ended up here, we'll probably find them. If they're not here, then you've got bigger things to worry about." Johnny turned back to the boy, "Anyway, I guess you've gathered who we are. I'm Johnny, she's Zaruka. You are...?" Hope quickly introduced himself, "Hope! My name's Hope!" Johnny extended his hand to the boy, "Glad to meet you, Hope." Hope took Johnny's hand and shook it. ~Jaina, North of Ultimecia's Tower~ Jaina nodded to Janus, "I hope I find him too. Don't know who's more lost without the other, me or him..." She shook her head and put some thought to Janus' question. "See, I'm not totally sure what's going on here." She pointed behind Janus, "I've been watching that sunset, and it hasn't moved at all. If I knew night was falling, I'd say we rest." Following Janus' lead, Jaina scarfed down the rest of the rabbit meat on her stick and stood up, "But if the sun's not going down, we'd better move and find someone else here." ~Zidane, Prima Vista/Lunar Subterrane~ Zidane gave Jessica a cheeky smile after she gave her comment, "Heh, it definitely shows, doesn't it?" He then went over to Chrono, "Nice landing! If you were with us back home, I'd definitely have to get you on the crew!" The young thief looked out the window and gazed upon the landscape, "Whoa, this is weird! I've never seen anything like this before!" Now that the ship had landed, Zidane saw that the Prima Vista had landed in some sort of crater. More than that, over the horizon was a round shape, almost like a globe or something. "Are...are we on the moon?" Zidane said, confused. "What's going on? First at Alexandria, then the Prima Vista, now the moon?" ~Zest, Cornelia Castle~ Zest went to Luna, to help support her and walk her forward. "Princess Sarah's chambers are not far from here," he said to the mage and the princess. "Luna can rest there. While she rests, I will explain to you two what has happened to this world before you arrived, and about Cosmos and Chaos." Zest lead them down the hall and into a room, where he set Luna down on the bed. He then turned his attention to the other two, "Before I start, what are your names?"
  8. Hey, everyone. Due to certain circumstances, Shard is going to be dropping out for a while. If anyone wants to take over for Zidane and Hope, that's great, otherwise, I'll be assuming those roles for the time being.
  9. Sora, Donald, Goofy and Pete all travel to the past and battle over control of the Cornerstone of Light. Timeless River is set entirely in the past, as SDG discover when they find that Pete's attempting to take the Cornerstone, allowing Maleficent to take Disney Castle.
  10. ~Jaina, North of Ultimecia's Tower~ Jaina watched Janus intently as he spoke of his home. A floating continent, what a place to imagine. But the boy began to weep. He tried to hide it from her, but she could see it. She knew that pain too well. "You lost everything, huh?" she spoke to Janus. "I know that. Years before I met Johnny, the same thing happened to me." She removed the pistol from her left hip and indicated the ribbon on her arm, "I lost my little sister and my boyfriend to someone who didn't care about anything but herself. This is all I have left of them." She put her arm on his shoulder, squeezing softly, "I can't promise things like that ever get better, but you find your way to cope." ~Variuer, Crown City of Insomnia~ Variuer dismissed his greatsword and looked to his companions. "It is obvious to me why those creatures fled," Variuer began to speak. "They could feel our power overwhelming them, and they retreated." Variuer then turned back to the direction the creatures came from, "But I feel we waste time by remaining here. They could gather in greater numbers to attempt to overwhelm us, or bring whomever brought them against us." ~Bartz, Narshe~ Bartz gave Neku an awkward laugh, "That's...actually a bit weird to explain. See, where I came from, there was more than one planet. I met this princess who came from the other planet, then this old man and..." Bartz erupted into full laughter, "It's kinda weird to say these kinds of things out loud!" Bartz stifled himself for a moment, "Anyways, I guess what I was trying to say was that this world we're on was nothing like my home. We sure didn't have places like this, with all the snow and the weird buildings." ~Zest, Cornelia Castle~ The young warrior had arrived to the castle not long ago. Having been dispatched from the tower of the goddess, he had gone forward to where she had sensed warriors. And here he found them, nestled inside a castle from his own memories. There was Luna, the one the goddess had sent him to find, as well as a black mage and another girl, perhaps warriors of the goddess. "I should think you should remember this place," he spoke to Luna as he approached. "It is a place I knew once, after the war with Cosmos and Chaos." He looked to the others, "I am the Warrior of Light, but you may call me Zest." (Still waiting on Shard to post for Hope)
  11. I am waiting on Shard to post for Hope and twilight to post for Luna.
  12. At long last, the gods reveal themselves! And I think it's time to unveil the first of their chosen warriors! Name: Zest, the Warrior of Light Original Appearance: Final Fantasy/Dissidia Final Fantasy Alignment: Lawful Good Weapon: Zest wields the Braveheart and the Lustrous Shield, the same sword and shield he used during the war between Cosmos and Chaos. Appearance: Bio: Once the nameless Warrior of Light, now a full fledged adventurer in his own right. After fighting to defeat Chaos in the thirteenth cycle of conflict, Zest was sent to World A, the original version of the world Cosmos and Chaos occupied. After journeying with three other adventurers to stop the Four Fiends and defeating the Chaos of his world, Zest has been summoned to fight for Materia. He swears loyalty to her alone, and he will obey her orders. Special Abilities: Zest is a skilled swordfighter, and is able to channel the power of light into his attacks, allowing him to enhance his shield, summon swords, or channel light into a magic attack. Notes: N/A Limit Break: Holy Chain! Zest uses the power of light to fortify himself and his allies, and is able to divert an opponent's attention to himself. Name: Garland Original Appearance: Final Fantasy/Dissidia Final Fantasy Alignment: Lawful Evil Weapon: Garland wields a greatsword called Rebellion. Appearance: Bio: A former knight of Cornelia, who would have himself sent back in time to become the Chaos of World A. Garland was summoned to World B after he began his transition into Chaos, and he acts as an enforcer to Spiritus. Garland retains his memories of the past conflicts between Cosmos and Chaos, and he loyally serves the one who summoned him. Special Abilities: Garland is able to use the powers of the Four Fiends in his attacks. Notes: Limit Break: Soul of Chaos! Garland unleashes his might as Chaos in a flurry of blows and magic! (Note: These are just the versions of the characters present in this Dissidia RP. I'm not claiming them solely for myself, this is just for reference for everybody. Anyone can still claim either of these two.)
  13. ~Jaina, North of Ultimecia's Tower~ Jaina handed Janus one of the sticks with rabbit meat on it, laughing a bit at the boy's question, "Ha, that's a loaded question." Jaina stopped to think as she turned her stick of rabbit in her hands. "My world is nothing like this. Growing up, I lived in a city of dust, where everyone had to work relentlessly to survive. I've only ever seen this much green in my life when..." Jaina smiled and dropped her head, "...when Johnny showed up. Guy crash-lands in my town and swoops me off on an adventure to find a legendary sword. We end up using it to save the world!" Jaina sighs, thinking back on the adventures she's had with Johnny, "I wonder if I'll ever see him again." Jaina's attention turns back to Janus, sending his question back at him before taking a bite of rabbit, "Anyways, that's my world for you. What about yours?" ~Variuer, Crown City of Insomnia~ "There are no creatures like this from my world," Variuer said as he raised his hand towards the creatures. A beam of energy emitted from his palm, going directly through several of the small black creatures, dissipating them into black smoke. "Whatever they are, they are no match for us," Variuer continued, putting his hand on another street light. The red electricity gathered into his hand again, but this time, Variuer called his greatsword to him. Better to not waste energy fighting such minuscule threats, when the sword would handle them just as easily. ~Bartz, Narshe~ "Gotcha! I'll follow your lead!" Bartz replied, following close behind Neku as he walked off to find the kids. Bartz looked around as they walked and pondered to himself. He quickly voiced his thoughts, "Hey, is this town anything like where you came from?" ~Materia, Materia's Tower~ The goddess overlooked the landscape to the south of her tower. An airship had emerged from the landscape, a sight that she did not expect to see. Perhaps her warriors had begun to move about the land, their fight against the Fiends made from their memories causing the land to blossom with life. Or perhaps it was the minions of Spiritus, moving in closer. She had failed to directly call her warriors to herself when she summoned them, but perhaps Spiritus could have... She closed her eyes and reach her mind out to the castle to the south, where she felt the power of one of her powerful warriors. "Luna...come to me with your allies. There is much to be done." ~Spiritus, Spiritus' Tower~ The god sat alone in his tower, meditating. He could feel his warriors roaming about, but did not wish to call them to him yet. Yet he felt one approach him. "My lord," the man in armor knelt down before the god on the throne. "You should have called for me." The god did not budge from his chair, "I have no need of you at this moment. Begone." The man in armor looked up, but stayed on his knees out of respect, "This is not the first war I have fought for the gods. You may be a different master, but I still serve the one who summoned me." The god looked down on the man, "Then you know why I called you and my other warriors here." "It is not the same reason as when Chaos brought me here. The land aches for life but is barren. The conflict you seek, is it not the key to restoring the land?" "Indeed," the god said, stepping up out of his throne. "If you seek that purpose, then go and seek battle with the warriors of the goddess. Carve your path so that the world may be returned to its true form." The man's head stooped again in respect, "I shall do as you command, my lord." The god raised a sword over the shoulders of the man in armor, "Rise, Garland. Go and fight, so that I, Spiritus, may lay my claim to this land." (I'll do a post for Johnny after Shard posts for Hope)
  14. I think I'm just waiting for Mystics and Shard to post before I will.
  15. ~Jaina, North of Ultimecia's Tower~ Jaina picked up the rabbit, "Of course! Give me a second." She pulled her hunting knife out from one of her holsters and began to carefully skin the rabbit. "Handy that your cat found this," Jaina said, finishing her handiwork. She looked over towards a nearby tree and grabbed a few twigs. "Also handy that I know how to cook rabbit." She began to skewer pieces of meat to the twigs and cook them over the fire. ~Bartz, Narshe~ Bartz is totally beside himself now, "Wow, that's awesome!" Bartz then looks back towards the town. "Maybe we should go get the kids back to the mother?" Bartz asks. "Or should we go ask the mother if she needs our help?"
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