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  1. I live on the west coast, Washington to be exact. and here is the pic of all the stuff in the box http://imgur.com/l7SmAMw
  2. I like No Name over Void Gear. If it were Vanitas' Red and Black version, then i would go with Void Gear.
  3. i also thought Namine said that the memories aren't lost forever, just forgotten. i am not sure if she is talking about Sora's old memories before he decided to regain them or after he decides that. i will search for the cutscene on youtube. [Edit] i did find a video about the whole memory loss thing. The links to the memories are still their he just needs to connect to those links. here is the video about it. Skip to 7:10 or so.
  4. i thought the 2 meant CoM 2. I forgot where i heard this but i think a lot of people referred 358 as CoM 2 so i guess thats why they put the 2.
  5. their is an ability called "Zero Exp." that makes u have 0 and be lvl 1. this ability is only available in Critical Mode. It is possible but i would like to see video proof because i am a little skeptical this guy beat MF at lvl 1 with aqua. If ANY1 can beat MF at lvl 1 with Terra, they are obviously god without hacks.
  6. Well Nomura did say they were going to release 2 new KH games before KH3 gets released. Later the number changed to 3 because they decided to remake coded. KH3D was 1 of the games that Nomura mentioned, and KH Re:Coded is another, so we still have no clue what the 3rd game is. If you think i am wrong, just tell me but this is what i have heard.
  7. Nomura said he wanted to add cloud and the gang in Radiant Gardens in BBS but then it would have seemed like a separate story. That is the reason only Zack was in BBS. They could have added Genesis and Angeal if they wanted to but idk.
  8. Name : Winner's Pride Action: 1 Hit kills every Unversed except bosses. Doubles the amount of damage you deal against bosses. Effects last for 1 minute and takes 2 minutes to recharge after use. Where you find it: Must beat Mysterious Figure at level 1 with Terra. Can only be obtained in Terra's Story.
  9. The game comes out October 7th i think in Japan this year so i do expect it to be out around December but more likely around March.
  10. Why would you ask a question like this? the most reasonable answer people will give you is Save Menu because you don't have to do the final boss again if you press save menu and save the game.
  11. AznJeffxD is right. Master Xehanort, Ansem Seeker of Darkness, and Xemnas cannot weild the keyblade because they have no recollection of how to summon or wield the keyblade.
  12. I have seen a thread like this already. In the Japanese version of Re:CoM Axel says hell but they cut it out in the North American version for whatever reason (probably because adults would be all over SE if they found out that one of the characters said a curse word.) When Maleficent says the word, "hell" in BBS, the team that made BBS wanted the world to be as much like the original movie as possible. They allowed Maleficent to say hell because in the movie, she says a line right before she turns into her dragon form that includes the word ,"Hell", so they kept that as is in BBS. That is what i know and there might be some errors in it but i try .
  13. Im pretty sure that Vanitas Sentiment gets put in the Unversed section. I dont know about the other things because i have only been watching streams of BBS gameplay . I am getting BBS soon enough though.
  14. did you get all the trophies? that might be something. (Haven't played the game so i dont know whether trophies do count towards the game completion percentage.)
  15. To play in the Mirage Arena Online, you need Ad-Hoc. You need a PS3 to get Ad-Hoc. if you already have Ad-Hoc then you just need to connect to the internet. hope this helps.
  16. im not going to buy the guide until after i beat the game, i dont want to have to use a guide to beat a game.
  17. Yeah i hope Cyberman Or MikachuTuhonen make a walkthrough of english BBS.
  18. i was like " WTF, WTF,WTF Etc." when i 1st saw it but then i got used to it and now im not suprised.
  19. I can't wait for this to come out. I pre-ordered the Gamestop Exclusive BBS PSP combo pack just for BBS.To kill time, I have been playing MAG on my PS3, using my computer, and other stuff. I can't believe that someone voted for, "Birth By Sleep Sucks. The Whole KH Series Suck. I Suck Cause I Voted For This."
  20. Yeah that was the 1st design of Sora and the thing Sora is holding in the picture is a chainsaw.
  21. Cyber no lo longer uses that account though. he uses the account name ZGCyberman65 now just to let u guys know. He also streams on Justin.tv.
  22. Wisdom - TWTNW memory skyscraper before roxas cutscene since if u walk to the place with the save point and the portal while in a drive form or using a summon will automatically refill your Drive Gauge and u don't have to leave the world and come back just for it to refill. Master - i prefer to go to Tron's world and travel the solar sailer and have every1 have the ability that increases orb drop amount and weapon with the same ability. ( idk if your teammates abilities work if you are in a drive form but i havent really checked) Final - TWTNW the next room after the fight Xigbar ( not the room where u fight Xigbar but the room after it) I'm sorry for this being a long and wordy post.
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