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  1. Over the years, one of the main topics I have spoke about on here is Final Fantasy vs XIII and Final Fantasy XV. It has been a long time coming. So I hope everybody enjoys themselves and has a great time giving this game a play, finally. Peace!
  2. I simply think KH3 will just be an attempt for a high budget game to bring in more fans for the next saga. I don't think they care about Xbox players playing the Xehanort saga because it'll mostly be getting them ready for whatever comes next for Kingdom Hearts. Otherwise yeah, they'd be getting 2.8 which they aren't.
  3. Not only the worst FF game, but easily one of the worst games ever made. How this game was even accepted to be put into the series, I have no idea. I don't compare it to previous FF games for my dislike, because it is seriously a really bad game. People may enjoy the storyline and/or characters, but the gameplay was just terrible. Was such a disappointment.
  4. That is something for our children's children to worry about.
  5. Is it weird that I think this game might be fun...
  6. I'd hope the pro version of FFXV just focuses on keeping a steady 30fps.
  7. Without anything really new, I'd need atleast 2tb to give me enough reason.
  8. Never really got to play ME so I'd love a remastered collection
  9. I haven't read about it yet, but I'm pretty sure everything that comes out is free.
  10. The standard of living is pretty high here. Other places usually will have games cheaper, and if you want it from EB you have to price match. You can usually find it somewhere for like $80. I make about $1200 a week and I just turned 20. I don't know how that compares to other countries.
  11. It would be a placeholder price, they do it with a lot of games. They are allowed to lower the price of pre-orders, but the can't increase them. So once the price is released (assuming it's real) they'll lower the price. Generally here in Australia new games will be $99 at EB Games.
  12. Turning into an animal would suit the world better, as it would match with the movie.
  13. Nothing I guess, haven't really replayed any games recently.
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