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  1. I haven't really got my hopes pinned on any world, more I have a few I know I DON'T want to see, but I wouldn't mind a TWEWY world, but all I know of the characters is what's shown in DDD since I've never played the original.
  2. I've never seen trolls or pervs on Miiverse, but the version I see as a European I assume is different to American's since I get a lot of Spanish, French, German etc languages in mine with them also being European
  3. The heal the pain from the past.
  4. Not really, the earliest consoles I remember owning was the N64 (followed by PS2, we didn't have a lot of consoles in my house) and the N64 came out when I was 2.
  5. I find the gameplay very enjoyable (and have been unable to find something similar else where). The story interests me but I don't really replay games for the story again.
  6. Have the master version of Hand in Hand left of Ice Cream beat and I should get that damn trophy

    1. FerroAxel7


      Have fun ripping your hair out lol.

  7. I think they'd be better with more fight scenes in them. I left Days running while I went about doing my own thing when I realized they just skipped fights to get the trophies. I did watch Re:Coded though.
  8. As long as the game is properly configured to utilize the strengths of smart phones, no body should be left wanting an "actual" controller.
  9. I never really see posts from either. I rarely use Tumblr during exam periods (cause I'm subbed to a lot of studyblrs and it makes me feel guilty that I'm looking at all their productivity instead of working) and I think it may be Facebook's algorithm's that doesn't bring yous up on my feed much. (And I don't use Twitter)
  10. A lot of parents just see cartoons and think it's age appropriate or don't care. Sadly not a lot will actually research the things they allow their kids to see.
  11. But you're meant to laugh at it 'cause it's funny? I don't particularly approve of young people watching South Park (or Family Guy, American Dad etc you can tell they're cartoons for adults), but why would it laugh at it other than finding it funny?
  12. To be fair the purpose of South Park is for comedy, not to promote actual political views. You can laugh at something without thinking it should be applied to real life.
  13. I don't like people who are manipulative. For example there's a girl I used to be friends with and it was so common for her to get annoyed at someone, run to all their mutual friends and talk shit about them to turn them against that person, so she effectively made it her thing to try and isolate people and drive wedges between friends. To this day she still does it (I have a friend who ended up meeting her more recently since I disassociated and he was her friend for a while until she did the same to him). I don't understand why people get joy from just firetrucking with other people's relationships with their only form of conversation being bitching. I don't see what it brings into someone's life to spend every minute with someone slabbering about someone else behind their back, saying the same stuff over and over again. Additionally I find it annoying for someone to criticize someone's appearance when fighting with them, over their personality. Like, "hey i'm fighting with you so you're a fat bitch/twig bitch/ugly/specky/braces" etc, calling out these things they might be insecure about, instead of what they did wrong just makes me think they have no justification in actually being mad at them cause they can't give a valid retort without stooping to insulting their appearance instead. And obviously homophobes, racists, sectarian, sexist etc people, people who discriminate against others. But I tend to find arguing with those sorts of people to be a lost cause.
  14. Light and Darkness is a common trope for displaying two opposite sides. Kingdom Hearts wasn't the first to use it nor will it be the last. Heck you can go back to the Bible's Heaven and Hell as a typical Light VS Darkness. That is like saying someone stole from McDonald's cause they sell French Fries too. In addition the sorcerer's hat has been a part of Disney's own media since Fantasia, Kingdom Hearts didn't create it. It has been included in Fantasia, House of Mouse, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey's 60th Birthday, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and its sequel (cameo) and Sofia the First, as well as the live action The Sorcerer's Apprentice and there is a giant replica of it in a Disney Park. Seeing as Once is made by Disney's Studios, they are of course in the right to use their own symbols for it, Disney merely allow Square Enix to use it in Kingdom Hearts. And normality in the protagonist doesn't really matter. Sora was "normal" but he was the Chosen one, like Emma is the savior. You can tell he has skill and conviction above normal people, considering he's meant to be at the level of a master yet doesn't have the title. Read the later post that it's a joke, don't care I wrote this much it's getting posted.
  15. I thought the first was that she is special for being the Nobody of Princess of Heart, which logically should never be able to happen because their hearts are devoid of darkness so cool stuff happens.
  16. First exam today (2nd year of University) and it's one that's notorious for having poorly written questions, goody (Y)

    1. Shuy


      It depends much on the university itself and how much your family makes per year. So if your family doesnt make much, taxes will be lower. As for exact numbers, its never (or at least Ive never heard so) over 1.500€ per year.


      How did the exam go?

    2. Caity


      I've had two now, though I'm one of those people who prefers not to think of it, cause if I think it wasn't a complete failure, I start thinking maybe I did great, then I get mediocre results and feel really disappointed ._.'

      Here it's the same, though if your income is lower you can essentially get free money towards it from the government

    3. Shuy


      Eheheh I feel the same way. I prefer to think that even if I passed it, I did poor so I don't get disappointed in any case.


      You don't get free money here from the government, it's a pretty poor management.

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  17. MAINTENANCE LOANS Or grants, I don't know if US does Maintenance grants?
  18. Sad thing is I can see someone out there doing that. Just "And here we're doing this...I have no clue wtf's going on WHY IS THE GAME BEING SO COMPLICATED" Cobi = Cobermani?
  19. I don't text people a lot (fact I actually Whatsapp like 1 or 2 people and would use the Facebook app for group conversations with people on my course) but got a smartphone because with Whatsapp (and connecting to people's wifi and uni wifi) I never top up My phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) was £140 when I bought it, my boyfriend has the mini S3 (which was £100 at his time of purchasing like a year and half ago) which is pretty good at running games (actually better than mine cause I have pdfs, audiobooks, lecture notes and slides linked up on mine along with constant connections to my 6 email accounts (Y)). Actually seems like we love the Galaxy series cause I have a S3, boyfriend S3 mini, mother S4, sister S5 (and I have a Galaxy tablet Actually realized with you being in America (assuming from the $ and the general audience of this site) you's probably have a whole range of phones that'd suit that never came here.
  20. The thing that initially got me to actually ask for it as a Christmas gift was the Disney elements, I loved Disney (still do). The gameplay though is what keeps me interested, I really enjoy it.
  21. Depends on what it is, what it adds and whether I think it's worth the amount they're asking.
  22. I've seen water retention mentioned in regards to the kidneys, not water restoration.
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