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  1. That would be nice! The original KH worlds are my favorites. It would be nice if we could actually run around on Destiny Islands or the realm of darkness. A lot of places like that are included in cutscenes in previous games, but we don't often get the chance to actually play in them ^^
  2. I don't think they'll end it with a cliffhanger. Maybe they'll add a secret ending to get us interested in the next saga They probably know how angry we'd all be if they did end KH3 with a cliffhanger
  3. i got SVT again the other night ><

  4. Yeah, most of our paper here is actually paper money. Plastic money has been introduced a while ago, but most of our money is still paper. We don't get plastic money often unless it's new from the bank. Otherwise, you'll just be lucky to get plastic bills randomly(or you may not be lucky, 'cause they can melt. It only happens when it's really hot though
  5. Actually, I live in Canada. Not all the plastic bills smell like maple, but some of them do. And the whole thing about plastic bills melting is true. I've heard of people who's money melted too. There was a lady who left money in her car(which was very hot that day) and when she came back the money had already melted o__o
  6. Um, depending on what PC someone has, it is most likely that the PS3 will be better in terms of graphics, specs, and controls. js.
  7. A few months ago i bought a refurbishd 360gb ps3 and it's just like new. The performance is amazing and it shows no signs of wear and use. But that's just my PS3. Either way though, I recommend you buy a ps3 from gamestop.
  8. goo dbye i am d ea d

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    2. LightningXIII


      what is a senzu bean omg

    3. Hei
    4. Enmaa


      A person who doesn't know what a senzu bean, I never thought i'd see the day

  9. Well, looks like I'm on crutches for 2 weeks ;A;

    1. VanitasisKirby


      Awww D:

      I hope you recover soon. :(

    2. Weiss


      Oh no D:

      I'm sorry. :( Hopefully you'll feel better soon.

    3. LightningXIII
  10. f0OD

    1. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      The one thing I wish I had in my house...

    2. Ruby


      FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD.....MAGICAL FOOD!!!! (Whoever gets where it's from gets FOOD!!)

    3. LightningXIII


      ^oh my god thank u that was beautiful ;v;

  12. KH3D! I actually cry nearly every time I watch it. Honestly.
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