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  1. The only FF games I've played are the first two Dissidias and Theatrythms. I know Lightning is a popular choice and think she would work. I think it is safe to say Noctis is not going to be included per Yozora. Personally I would like to see Kadaj, Vaan, and/or Vincent.
  2. I've had issues where the song would stutter, making it so it no longer matched up with the enemies. Hopefully this is what has been fixed, as it makes most field & boss tracks unplayable.
  3. I'm super excited to see official track names. Especially for the songs that were added in Re:Mind.
  4. Sora! This is one of my favorite topics, as I feel that Sora has had him falling to darkness set up in the series already. Yes we know that Sora says he can deal with all the hurt he sees and feels, but what happens when he hits his breaking point? Sora has seen a lot happen and has had a lot happen to him in the series. Sora watched Rinzler reach for him but still fall, Sora has seen all of his friends pretty much die, and watching Xehanort one-shot Kairi probably was just the icing on the cake. I think for character development, Sora would so benefit from having a dark chapter. Obviously he would come around at the end.
  5. But the Roxas fight and Absent Silhouettes all before getting the Clear Data. Defeating Roxas is required to advance in the story, and the AS can be challenged before getting to TWTNW. So wouldn't it be 14? Lingering Will and Data fights?
  6. Very interesting to see a Disney world debut in UX. I know I (like many others) are holding out for a remake on consoles when it wraps up on mobile.
  7. This is so tough. Obviously the reunions, but "You're too late" would've for sure been it if we didn't see it in the trailers. I remember it hurting when I saw it on the E3 livesteam. At that point in the story, we and the protagonists knew that Aqua was stuck and needed help, and that we needed to help her. Seeing her "fall" to darkness was sad because it mean we failed.
  8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier hands down.
  9. I still think there will be a new playable Pokemon. And Skull Kid's absence from everything so far makes me think he might make the cut. While I'm not expecting Sora, I can't say I wouldn't like to be wrong!
  10. I would like to play it all the way through, but will probably just end up watching the cutscenes. I got burned out from the game awhile ago, and haven't really wanted to play it much anymore.
  11. I would say Cure because it's present in all of the games. But obviously I used Aero like it was my job in KH, Reflect all the time in KH2, and Thunder is my go to damage dealing spell. (I didn't know Balloon was broken until 3D HD so I just started using it.)
  12. White Room for sure (which I think is also used for the Cavern of Rememberance once you get inside).
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