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  1. I still think there will be a new playable Pokemon. And Skull Kid's absence from everything so far makes me think he might make the cut. While I'm not expecting Sora, I can't say I wouldn't like to be wrong!
  2. SuperSmashDrake

    How are you planning to catch up on KHUX before KH3?

    I would like to play it all the way through, but will probably just end up watching the cutscenes. I got burned out from the game awhile ago, and haven't really wanted to play it much anymore.
  3. I would say Cure because it's present in all of the games. But obviously I used Aero like it was my job in KH, Reflect all the time in KH2, and Thunder is my go to damage dealing spell. (I didn't know Balloon was broken until 3D HD so I just started using it.)
  4. I typically dislike the Funko Pop! line of figures, but damn does Sora look good.
  5. White Room for sure (which I think is also used for the Cavern of Rememberance once you get inside).
  6. Wonderland. I don't think there is anything left there for us (gameplay and story wise). I could always see us returning to Agrabah and Atalntica because they have more story in their film sequels (Aladdin 3 and The Little Mermaid 2).
  7. For me it's if the console has the new entry for one of three franchises, Smash Bros., Kingdom Hearts, and SoulCalibur. I purchased my PS2, PSP, PS4, and 3DS all for Kingdom Hearts.
  8. SuperSmashDrake

    Sora Vs. Sephiroth! [Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix On PS4]

    Your playstyle for this fight was pretty unorthodox. Starting with berserk? Not even attacking during Heartless Angel? Your use of Limit form was also odd to me. Needless to say, there were a lot of points where i thought you were done for (according to my playstyle and experience), but congrats on the win!
  9. No Heart would be really cool to fight again, hopefully serving some importance to the story this time around.
  10. SuperSmashDrake

    Who is the greatest Disney villain of all time?

    Hades! How can you not like someone who is funny AND evil?
  11. SuperSmashDrake

    Which was your favorite E3 show?

    I only really enjoyed Nintendo and Ubisoft. EA and Microsoft were okay.
  12. SuperSmashDrake

    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Announced For PS4

    So much hype.
  13. SuperSmashDrake

    Favorite Pokémon Third Version/Sequel?

    I don't trust anyone who voted for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.
  14. If they don't use something new, I would imagine something from 0.2 (so I chose Wave of Darkness).