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  1. I agree, I honestly felt something was missing with not including Radiant Garden in the game overall. Considering the buildup between the new name reveal from Hollow Bastion and using the original Radiant Garden in BBS it was sort of odd that it wasn't included (especially considering how plot heavy this world has always been). Maybe the reason they decided not to include it was because they didn't intend on using any FF characters, but a DLC would be a perfect opportunity to bring it full circle.
  2. Great posts, everyone!!! I love reading all of your thoughts/opinions as to what's happening and what could be forthcoming. Both of these endings are still the most haunting experience of KH3 for me (in the sense of like ??? can't stop thinking about them). Keep 'em coming!
  3. Hello everyone! I just finished the game yesterday, and after viewing the ending/epilogue as well as the secret ending, I have many thoughts and even MORE questions! I just wanted to create a space for everyone to throw around ideas for discussion in regards to the secret ending. Of course, doing so creates spoilers, so be aware! Anyways, what did everyone think? What are YOUR thoughts and questions?
  4. I thought I remember reading the 31st? Or maybe that was for the epilogue? Basically it'll be sometime after the official worldwide release, so the 29th onward
  5. US People! Make sure to call your local GameStop if you've preordered with them; I went in last week to pay for my preorder and the staff told me they were anticipating doing a 10PM release on MONDAY, January 28th (rather than a midnight release). They said this was due to the number of preorders made and often times will depend on the location. So we might be getting it just *slightly* sooner than 12AM the 29th!
  6. So now that we know Radiant Garden will not be playable (and it looks like its residents are now in Twilight Town) do you think we'll get some explanation as to HOW Merlin, Huey Duey & Luey, etc. found their way there? Idk it makes sense to have this as the hub world but at the same time ignoring everything else is weird
  7. I agree with your point to ties with KHUX! It does worry me even knowing that I consider myself to be a pretty huge fan of KH as a whole and even after playing/watching the KHUX stories there are still parts that I don't entirely understand. Its VERY complex and even simplified I hope that any connections will com across smoothly. Also thanks for the positive feedback everyone!
  8. Alright bear with me here, but I just finished watching some KHUX recaps and I'm feeling intrigued by something we saw in the opening trailer this week. And FEEL FREE to correct me on anything that may not be true because I am by no means an expert in the KHUX storyline. Anyways, so in the opening trailer we see a young Xehanort with no yellow eyes, looking off into the distance at a star or light that's purple in color. Everyone is throwing the idea around that perhaps Xehanort was possessed by some type of evil/darkness/what have you; so what if this was in fact the dark Chirithy nightmare presented before? doesn't dark chirithy say something along the lines of being free from a vessel (don't know/remember the exact quote) when he's defeated? Again this is super far out there and maybe i'm just looking for clarification but I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!!
  9. Not going to watch the video, but honestly why would they feature Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora in KH1 as the Princesses of Heart if they didn't plan on having their worlds at some point in the future? I'm pretty sure its even mentioned in the game that their worlds fell to darkness, stating that they did in fact exist.
  10. Honestly I feel like even if it doesn't happen, there will still be an extremely overwhelming cliffhanger
  11. Obviously, but it was mentioned how a majority of the Final Fantasy characters that appeared throughout the series origin from there/Traverse Town. Because of that statement he made pointing out this fact it sort of confused me as far as what he considered original
  12. I'm honestly disappointed to hear that there's a likely chance of Radiant Garden not returning. We've seen Radiant Garden at its best and worst, and I was really hoping it would come full circle with how the memories returned to its residents in KH2.
  13. Hey guys! With the announcement of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue having a release date this upcoming December, what types of items or bonuses do you think they will attach to preorders for the game? What is everyone hoping for? Are we hoping for a limited edition version as well? I'm thinking that it'd be cool to have one of those Chirithy plushies. Things are too darn cute.
  14. Aqua may have had her own reasons to stay. She may have wished to remain there until Ventus/Terra could return. Other speculation says that she may or may not have mistaken Mickey as some sort of false memory due to the distortion caused in the RoD.
  15. It may not be of any significance, or it could be lingering alongside Aqua due to her memories existing and being realized in the RoD.
  16. The 0.2 portion of the trailer made me really hyped but also sad, but I've been looking forward to it since the idea of having a BBS volume 2. Honestly, I have a feeling this game will be very dark.
  17. I'm putting my money on Ira personally, but there's also the possibility of the hooded man playing a part into all of this as well. At this point the trailer seemed to spoil a lot for those of us who haven't played x (chi), so I feel as though it would almost be too obvious if it were Aced or Ira.
  18. YO SOMETHING ELSE I'D LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT I JUST REALIZED IN the mansion in Twilight Town, we also have DiZ working together with Riku. Riku is also said to be linked to Ira. I'm not personally a believer in the Rebirth theory so to speak, but if you are someone that is, this is an interesting observation.
  19. Its a possibility that it could be an organization member whom we haven't seen as their original selves. The idea that this man could be Demyx has also been floating around. But I do like the idea that this is the same guy manipulating the foretellers, it seems to play along into why the foretellers seem to be so hostile towards each other even from the beginning.
  20. the rebirth theory is the idea that each foreteller represents a current character, and said characters have been "reborn" of these foretellers. I BELIEVE the list goes as follows, but i'm not entirely sure: Ira - Riku Ava - Kairi Invi - Aqua Aced - Terra Gula - Ventus There is another belief that Sora has a connection to Ephemera. There is quite the list supporting the claim as well as denying it, at this point its really a matter of your own judgement. Many theories tend to contradict themselves due to known facts, but knowing that this is the KH series honestly anything is possible. Hope this helps!
  21. there's ALSO this one forum post (can't remember, for whoever wants to take credit) about a theory regarding the amount of unicorn references scattered over twilight town, primarily the mansion. The post was from quite some time ago so I don't remember the details, but this was another hint in the direction of claiming Ira to be the potential traitor.
  22. I have a feeling this is really going to bother me until the game comes out, here's to a 2016 release date though
  23. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a few hints dropped leading up to the sony conference, but honestly I feel like they're just gonna wait it out to drop everything all at once.
  24. I really hope they reorchestrate the soundtrack. The quality of it wasn't bad to begin with or anything, but there's a difference between real and fake instruments that can be pretty obvious to some people (aka me).
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