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  1. No, that is definitely Roxas/Ventus' Japanese VA as Leopardis. Pretty sure Unicornis is Mamoru Miyano, though.
  2. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10955229/1/Antipode-Act-3-All-That-s-LeftWeehee! Act 3 has been up and running for quite some time. Currently doing an Emperor's New Groove world!
  3. I vote Christopher Lloyd. He has the right gravely texture to his voice, and he's done some awesome voice acting roles in the past.
  4. I want a happy ending for Sora, Kairi, and Riku, please. They're a trio, yet out of the KH trinities, their dynamic is the most unbalanced in representation, with little focus on Riku and Kairi's friendship... which I have complained about before, but I think it bears repeating.I'd much rather KH3 focus on friendship and leave shipping to the fans for a multitude of reasons, many of which have to do with Kairi's overall lack of development outside of her bond with Sora. Plus, I thin with all the characters that are getting involved in this big finale, the ending sequence should have all of them together. I'd kill for something like IX's ending, actually, with snippets from everyone before they all come together for one last hurrah to end the Xehanort saga.
  5. The Year Between is now complete! Want to read the whole series in one convenient place? You can find it all here on Archive of Our Own! Starting with the next story, I will be posting the chapters here on the board for those who don't wanna go all the way to fanfiction.net.
  6. The Year Between has a new chapter! Well, several new chapters, really. It's been a while. Side Stories also has a new scene that is a companion piece to chapter 45 of TYB.
  7. I actually like this insight. Xion stands on her own as a solid character, but there are definitely elements of Kairi's as well as Sora's personality in her. And honestly, this makes me want to see the three interact in KH3 somehow. Kairi's interactions with female characters have been depressingly brief, which is a shame because it's clear she's friends with Selphie, and her short interactions with Naminé showed that there's potential for friendship to form. Same with Olette. As for FF7 ships... eh, every fandom has its ships. I never really understood why ship wars are such a big deal and why people can't just let people ship what they want.Anyway... Even so, these scenes are extremely short, and a lot of her interactions still hinge upon Sora. My problem with the ship becoming canon in KH3 is that it basically shoehorns Kairi into the role of love interest before letting her gain some agency and show her individuality outside of a very narrow range of character relations. Not so much a problem with the ship so much as how Kairi is utilized in the games vs the manga. She's probably the least developed of KH's original leads, and if anything, I'd love to see what traits we have seen expanded. I definitely like the comments here on her daydreaming about doing some heroic deeds herself. Kh2 shows that she does not like being left behind. In fact, she wanted to go along for the ride in KH1 after she was revived.
  8. Why does Sora need to become a Master?No, really. I don't get it. Sora's a free spirit, eager to help his friends an the worlds. He doesn't need a title to be valid as a hero, and KH3D showed that he wasn't remotely upset that he didn't earn the title. Even at the start of the game, he was confident in his ability to fulfill his role as Keybearer. And given that Keyblade Masters are supposed to fulfill a great deal of responsibilities, I think that thematically it suits Riku so much better in the first place.Idk, for me, if he doesn't become a Master, it won't make him any less of an enjoyable character.
  9. I really hope not. Now, before you grab your torches and pitchforks, hear me out. There is nothing wrong with shipping Sora/Kairi. There is plenty of evidence to support it. However, I feel that making them a couple in KH3 will not only be a detriment to the story but to Kairi's character. The thing with Kairi is that she's already underdeveloped as it is. She lacks agency, and almost all of her scenes hinge upon Sora to a point where we haven't seen enough of her as an individual. We do have elements of this in KH1, such as her love of racing with the boys and collecting seashells, but that's about the extent of it. The rest of the time, Kairi's character is shown through forced shipteasing, typically through Sora's POV, or through interactions with Sora and, very sparingly, Riku. And yes, the shipteasing is forced. A case of tell vs show. In KH1, it is shown that she cares about Sora, but the rest of it is... ridiculously blatant. In KH2, Donald teases Sora about Kairi twice. We have the dancing scene in Halloween Town. The really out of place moment with Roxas and Naminé in TWTNW. All of this just hammers it in, but the pairing isn't earned or developed. You could argue that KH3 could develop it, but frankly, I want to see Kairi develop beyond Sora, as an individual and interact with other characters. Can we please see her interact with Riku on his own? Have her interact with Lea, the Disney characters, and form her own bonds. Showcase her own personal growth and desires rather than religating her to the role of forced love interest. KH is ultimately a series about friendship, and I don't think putting a pairing into the mix will help the story at all. A pair does not have to be 100% canon for you to enjoy it, but frankly, I think KH3 has more than enough to draw upon from a plot perspective. We don't need a romance angle to distract from the bigger conflict and character arcs. EDIT: Kairi may be sweet, but she's never been just a sweet, passive girl. In KH1, she's incredibly spunky. Even hits Sora on the head when she thinks he's being dumb. And in KH2? She jumps off a freaking balcony. The manga really shows that Kairi has the potential for being more than your token nice girl. I mean, she bites Axel's arm when he tries to kidnap her. Actually punches Demyx in the face. She's still as friendly as ever, but she's not just standing there and looking pretty.T There's also this:
  10. The Year Between has underwent several updates since my last post here, and I also have a collection of side stories! Antipode: Side Stories The most recent update features an appearance by Ringabel from Bravely Default, too.
  11. Fragmented Truths has been completed! Here are the last few chapters... Chapter 44: Truth At Last Chapter 45: Memories Unchained Chapter 46: What Lies Ahead And the next fic has been going strong. The Year Bewtween Summary: Trapped in a digital realm, Riku is oblivious to the perils outside. Kairi struggles to take his place, but in a universe overrun with darkness, she's all but alone. Sora has left to find an old friend, Riku Replica is on the run, and Xion is busy hunting. In the time it takes them to pick up the pieces, the Organization's dark plan nears fruition. This fic centers on the main cast, exploring their struggles over the year between Act 2 and the next fic, Act 3. It's broken up into segments focusing on Kairi, Donald, and Goofy, Sora and Aqua, Riku Replica and Naminé, Xion, Riku, and XIII/Roxas and is planned to include worlds based on Monsters Inc., Pocahontas, Gargoyles, and a couple other surprises. Right now, I'm on the Monsters Inc. world.
  12. Why are you calling people weirdos for shipping Sora and Riku? Yes, there are heavy Sora and Kairi implications, but there IS a lot of material that I can see being used to support a ship. I don't personally ship it, but there's enough for fans to see it in a romantic light if they wish. Fact is, Sora and Riku's development has been MUCH more organic than Sora and Kairi's because they've just had more time to interact and show how much they care for each other, be it platonic or otherwise. With Sora and Kairi, I think the problem stems from her not being developed enough outside of her interactions with Sora and the fact that the games prefer to tell us Sora cares about Kairi more than show it. KH2 is a pretty big offender at that, though there are scenes that are at least somewhat subtle. The fact is, SxR fans make up a huge chunk of the fanbase and, thus, the revenue Square obtains from game sales. This is particularly true of the Japanese fanbase. Canonizing one ship over another risks loss of sales either way, so keeping it ambiguous is a fair compromise, methinks. This isn't a series where romance is front and center.
  13. I'd rather it be Riku Replica, frankly, because the poor guy seems to have been all but forgotten, and it sucks that everyone under the sun but him is being acknowledged. KH1 Riku is a possibility, but I think Riku Replica would create a more interesting conflict, and I can easily see the 'norts persuading him to join their cause.
  14. And that's fine! Personally, I don't think any pairing is absolutely perfect, and I think ships of all kinds can be handled well with the right execution-- I just don't think it needs to be a focus of KH canon. That kind of territory is great for fanworks, and it's why I like things being at least somewhat open ended. As I've said before, just because Sora and Kairi haven't kissed doesn't mean people can't ship them. There's something satisfying, I suppose, of seeing a pairing you like justified, but I don't think it's downright necessary.My reasons for liking RxK are basically a matter of personal preference. I think their personalities compliment each other well, and to me it's just more interesting... but I also have a strong preference towards Riku in general and think he's one of the best developed characters in the series. I really sympathized with him during KH1. For me, Sora and Kairi seem a bit too safe and expected, but I'm not gonna knock the people who do like it. It's pretty heavily hinted at, so if any pair were to happen, it probably would be that.At the same time, I'm almost certain Nomura is aware of how crazy ship wars get in this fandom, so I can see him pulling a FFVII and keeping it ambiguous.
  15. As someone who does ship them, I'd like to offer a different perspective. See, while I don't disagree that Riku was joking, it's possible to be aware of a friend's feelings for someone while still having feelings for them yourself. If anything, Riku's teasing may stem in part from that. It's very clear that Riku cares about Kairi, and I can see it being interpreted as a crush given the way he speaks to her at the beginning of the game, the ridiculous lengths he goes to save her once he's convinced Sora has stopped caring, and the line "take care of her," which I kinda see as him giving up/passing the torch. You can also look at the Chain of Memories novels, which, while selective canon, do certainly imply something similar. Not that I'm arguing against him trying to save her as a friend-- Riku's actions in KH1 are very complicated and can be interpreted in a number of ways, none of which are necessarily incorrect. The wonderful thing about KH is that there is room for different perspectives. This is part of why I'd rather they not fully canonize ships in the first place. The reason why I'm making this case is mostly because I do feel there is a bit of discredit towards RxK shippers within the fandom overall.
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