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  1. Gargoyles would fit so well with this series. Both explore the concepts of light & darkness. Both have heavy magical elements. It’d just make sense to put it in the series.
  2. Honestly I'm all for a Star Wars world if they can somehow pull it off story wise. Maybe if Sora and the gang found a wormhole (like the ones in KH1) leading to a new kind of space (the Star Wars worlds) that has different properties then normal KH space. Idk. If we get anything Star Wars in KH I want a lightsaber keyblade! DO IT SQUARE! Please.
  3. I'm so glad! It looks like they are making disney villains relivant again!
  4. Hey guys. This might be a dumb question but how do the guaranteed medal deals work. Like this Illustrated KH2 Kairi medal deal thats guaranteed in 5 tries, is that during the whole deal or do you need to do all 5 pulls in the same day or week or something. I'm just wondering because I'm thinking about doing the weekly jewel extravaganza this week and next week to get the medal.
  5. Star Wars is probably my favorite thing aside from kingdom hearts so Star Wars Battlefront. Especially the old ones.
  6. Seriously again!? When is Square going to relize we also want a collector's edition? If Japan gets a super deluxe golden collector's edition & all we get is a flippin pin when KH3 comes out there will be rage! Square please stop treating English fans like they are 2nd rate fans. Be fair!
  7. I've watched all x and x back cover scenes and I'm still very confused. I have like a billion questions. Why is the MoM doing what he's doing? Whats in the box? Is there even a traitor or did the MoM set them up? What does Ephemer and Skuld have to do with the story? Who's chirithy was that nightmare chirithy? Where did the MoM disappear to? Also how does all this connect to kh3 aside from Luxu's keyblade? Wasn't x back cover supposed to answer more questions then create more? I hope these get answered by kh3.
  8. I ordered the limited edition and best buy sent me the standard edition. I went to exchange it for the right copy and they don't have it. Thanks best buy!
  9. Totally been 4ever since I've posted on the site. Not surprised by the drop gauge. Didn't they already say it was going to be in the game but they fixed it so you wouldn't drop in the middle of a boss?
  10. I only have a dumb phone! But I bought all soundtracks and put them on my iPod touch! Listening to them now!
  11. They left out scary images for when pirates turn undead! Lol! But seriously if there's already blood in the game why can't we have the hydra bleed and the other stuff like that!? They were in the movies!!! And come on, why can't we have the awesome Xigbar!?
  12. Seriously!? Come on Square I'd like to play every Kingdom Hearts game! Even X! #SquareBeFair!
  13. Yes and no. I mean the wait is annoying me but I'm not even sure if I'm going to be able to play it when it comes out so it also doesn't bother me.
  14. For me they all sorta balence out. And it depends on whether they're final mix or not. KHFM stemmed easier than KH2 to me. And I died a lot in both BBS and KH2, but CoM and KH did take more effort. So they all balence out to me.
  15. HOLY COW!!!! The remastered music sounds stunningly, beautiful!!! I was really worried that some songs like the space paridords would sound bad and wouldn't fit in with the worlds anymore but they just improved everything!
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