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  1. I'm going to take the game rreally slow and enjoy the story.
  2. Okay.Okay McGinnis we get it
  3. Actually I am waiting on the official release date as well on 2.8, But I am super hyped for the trailer.
  4. Sooo like what if they don't show a trailer @ jump festa?
  5. Too bad I couldn't get a pip boy. oh well.....So hyped for this game
  6. Just finished watching the first episode of volume three. So far, my fave part was when Blake fighting Jesse. Loving it so far <3I would say Jesse is my fave new character.
  7. Welcome to the forum, Mikey! Greetings from EpiCure!! ^O^
  8. I cosplay sometimes whenever there's a con in town. I would love to cosplay a lot of KH characters.
  9. Im wondering who the shadowy figure is as well.... ARRGGGHH!! Well guess we'll find out in Back Cover.
  10. Why do I have a feeling it will be Kairi? Hmm.....
  11. I was trying to figure out which keyblade to upgrade. which one is the strongest?
  12. Ok so I wanna get this straight...we meaning ''us'' ,the players, are in the realm of sleep?
  13. I remember one part of the game where Lingering Will knocked both of them out at the same time.
  14. Now Why would I wanna fight my master? O_O P.S. FEED ME MORE D:
  15. oh boy oh boy!!.... I cannot wait to hear it. I'm a huge Utada fan This is going to be amazing.
  16. Greetings and welcome! Hope you enjoy this forum Have a great day!!
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