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  1. This might seem weird but... I sorta want Ven and Van to have a (even temporary) truce and fight one of the Norts. I know it's impossible but I just want to see Vanitas as a good guy/neutral party for like one scene :c He can't actually be as evil as the game makes him, right? D-Don't mind me, I'm just a fan who is into helping lost causes! ;3;
  2. I just want to see all those screwed over by Old Man Nort to come back. And I want the satisfaction of kicking Xehanort's hiney! All THIRTEEN of him! But yes, I'll be eagerly keeping an eye on here and KHI for KH news
  3. Poor Sora just doesn't get a break does he? I haven't played or seen much of DDD but from what I HAVE seen he still isn't as bad as his transition between CoM and KHII.... In my opinion at least >>;; I definitely think Terra was ten times more gullible, just my 2 cents
  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! SO HYPED! Show me what you got Squeeenix! Show me what you got! *Meanwhile the hype train left the tracks and went off into orbit*
  5. The Villager is too stronk, dat tree tech, op as fack!

  6. The further down the comments I go the more negative (and creepy) they get :< bUT YES, YAY DUCKTALES! And now I'll quote Nostalgia Critic: "IT WILL NEVER LEAVE!"
  7. I'm pretty sure their not acting, but there's always a skeptic. Anyway, those videos were hiliarious It makes me wonder if I would of been like that if I was born ten years later than my actual birth... ...I don't even want to think about that :I
  8. I will give a subdued scream of joy, call my best friend and scream at her for about an hour, get off the phone, then cry at the realization that I don't have a ps4 and am unable to afford one... (The last part is what I feel like for 2.5... No Ps3 =n=)
  9. I'm so hyped! Unfortunately I don't own a Ps3 (or Ps4)... I'll be sure to watch walkthroughs though! :'D
  10. The Kingdom Key refused to have Sora's hair grow out :>
  11. Yes I made both a Disney and a Mean Girls reference all in one title Come at me bro :'P Anyways, Hi! I'm WishingStar~ I found this place through Everglow's Youtube Channel :> I like their videos~ Anyways! I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan! My favorite character is Roxas, I don't have a favorite pairing, and I loathe AkuRoku... >_> Besides that I'm your typical 24 female game/videogame fan My favorite manga currently are Nanatsu no Taizai, Magi, and Tokyo Ghoul I don't watch anime often but I'm super excited for the Nanatsu no Taizai anime coming soon! Beyond anime and manga, I also love a few other video games besides Kingdom Hearts. Them being the SMT Persona spinoff series, Harvest Moon and it's spinoff Rune Factory, and any other rpg or jrpg that has a good plot, characters, and/or the ability to customize your characters! I'm extremely hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles X because these reasons~ So yeah! I'm glad to be here and hope to have fun with you guys! :') ~WishingStar
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