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  1. I'm still trying to figure out this whole Ventus in KHUx thing Well, what I've been thinking... Most of you already know the ''Ventus is a Dandelion'' theory by now. I personally think it's quite possible! But LISTEN. Ventus is sleeping right now, riiight? WHAT IF Ventus is currently reliving the events of KHUx in a dream? That would explain the Dream Eaters. Maybe Ventus was the player character all along even. OR he is Gula. Gula seems to be close to Ava, so maybe they joined forces in the end and he became a Dandelion, too. We don't know what happened to the Foretellers after all. Maybe Ava is Kairi's grandma even...? But I'm getting carried away. My point is, Ventus is a Dandelion (whoever he actually is, but is someone from the KHUx time) and is dreaming of these events right now in his coma. His heart is no longer with him, you might say, so how can the memories still be with him? Well, he doesn't recall being from another time. Maybe these memories are stored somewhere else. Or they were locked away and just (triggered) awoken when his heart left his body. This is just my guess. What do you guys think? And yes, I know. This topic is giving me headaches, too
  2. ServantSerah

    Old Memories

    Wow, I really like your style!
  3. ServantSerah


    So pretty Great job you did there. Please let them be together again, Nomura TT__TT
  4. ServantSerah

    Roxas and Ventus

    Can you guess who is Roxas and who is Ven? Someone on my ask blog requested this little game ovo

    © me

  5. ServantSerah

    Halloween Town Aqua

    I made this back in Halloween, I'm late. Sorry ;;

    © me

  6. my precious babies are in color now and they're beautiful I need them all
  7. It looks sooo much better now. Many people complained about Terra looking weird, which was true. I also like how they updated Riku's model to make his arm muscles more visible huehue. Slight changes where already visible at gamescom but this comparison is almost drastic.
  8. I really want Roxas, Riku and Sora. But I'm guessing these are surprise picks, aka you don't know who's inside until you open it?
  9. ServantSerah


    Changed his hair a bit because I saw a few other doing it and I liked it v.v

    © http://ask-kingdomhearts-cast.tumblr.com/

  10. I was there and I even got to meet her. She signed one of my drawings, I started crying tears of happiness. Meeting her was one of my biggest dreams and I will never forget this moment.Thank you Shimomura-senpai
  11. ServantSerah

    KH III Vanitas

    Bae Vani needs more love Drawing and oufit idea by me.

    © serah-laboratories.deviantart.com

  12. ServantSerah


    I did this really quickly since I'm in the middle of my finals. Please excuse some mistakes. Especially that horrible shading on his face v.v
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