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  1. ServantSerah

    Old Memories

    Wow, I really like your style!
  2. ServantSerah


    So pretty Great job you did there. Please let them be together again, Nomura TT__TT
  3. ServantSerah

    Roxas and Ventus

    Can you guess who is Roxas and who is Ven? Someone on my ask blog requested this little game ovo

    © me

  4. ServantSerah

    Halloween Town Aqua

    I made this back in Halloween, I'm late. Sorry ;;

    © me

  5. my precious babies are in color now and they're beautiful I need them all
  6. It looks sooo much better now. Many people complained about Terra looking weird, which was true. I also like how they updated Riku's model to make his arm muscles more visible huehue. Slight changes where already visible at gamescom but this comparison is almost drastic.
  7. I really want Roxas, Riku and Sora. But I'm guessing these are surprise picks, aka you don't know who's inside until you open it?
  8. ServantSerah


    Changed his hair a bit because I saw a few other doing it and I liked it v.v

    © http://ask-kingdomhearts-cast.tumblr.com/

  9. I was there and I even got to meet her. She signed one of my drawings, I started crying tears of happiness. Meeting her was one of my biggest dreams and I will never forget this moment.Thank you Shimomura-senpai
  10. ServantSerah

    KH III Vanitas

    Bae Vani needs more love Drawing and oufit idea by me.

    © serah-laboratories.deviantart.com

  11. ServantSerah


    I did this really quickly since I'm in the middle of my finals. Please excuse some mistakes. Especially that horrible shading on his face v.v
  12. I preordered the collector's edition on Amazon (it was only available on Amazon for Germans). Will I also get the upgrade or not...?
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