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  1. I agree that Axel should "die" however, I see him dying differently. I hope Roxas doesn't come back since he basically fused with Sora, but I do hope Sora resonates with Axel again to the point of emotional breakdowns. That way, when Master Xehanort possess Axel for his thirteenth vessel, which I what I personally believe will happen. When Sora has to "kill" him, he'll be broken because the Roxas in him will have just killed his best friend in some sick twisted justice of setting his heart free of Xehanort's will. Either that or Saix should kill him
  2. Well, I turn super saiyan and take over the world. That'll do, pig. That'll do
  3. What I'm curious about is if I can start a party with people from Ursus and Vulpus.(I'm unicornis)
  4. My Body was not ready for all the XV glory

  5. If Shimomura was to be video games Beethoven, then Uematsu would be video games Mozart
  6. I'd pick Master Xehanort. The wisest and most knowledgeable of the incarnations
  7. I'm pretty sure that this has been brought up and debunked a buncha times. Why would Disney hate something that is a profit to them?
  8. I've been waiting for this since it was first announced. And back then I lost my mind... and now... the time has come and my body still isn't ready!!! Imma probably cry
  9. I figure it's owned by Disney, if they really wanted to use the names of the rides and if Disney WANTED to let them use the names of the actual rides, it would happen. If it ends up that they're not the original names, imma guess there's a reason for it on Disneys side
  10. I like this idea, it'd give more of a involvement with the Disney worlds rather than just having places to go visit
  11. I always thought her name was the abbreviation for "number " (No) and the abbreviation for imaginary (I). So here name Meaning would be "Number Imaginary" or "Imaginary Number" and then the "X" Xion- the imaginary number member
  12. I'm not disagreeing with you. However, I believe there are better Ghibli movies than Arriety to be in KH. Not even spirited away. More Mononoke, I believe. Or Howls Moving Castle would be better. That being said, I'd be down for a Ghibli world
  13. Ah! Another NiGHTS fan! Hiya! Chat with me (more like PM since the chat is not my friend )anytime!!! About Kingdom Hearts, NiGHTS or whatever else
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