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  1. Well, after setting some other filters and undo them, it showed her again...
  2. While working on a setup I noticed that my KH2 Namine medal was not appearing in the medallist. Obviously, this makes it just a little harder to create a setup... Has anyone else had this issue? KH_UX_Bug.mp4
  3. Well, it depends on how well the game was programmed: Every coding has it's dependencies, for example, the reactioncommand can have multiple functions and every one of them can be mapped to the triangle. If the code was written so that every function "calls" the mapped button, they need to rewrite every single function. But if they definded the button (for example "the_button_triangle = this_random_word/definition"), every function would call the definition and the programmer would only need to change the button. (Don't take my example as serious - this wouldn't work in a coding. It's just to show what may be needed to recode.) I was trying to find any clue but wasn't able to... It's a really long time ago so who knows if that what i remeber is even true ^^
  4. It's not that easy at all: They would need to change the buttonmapping and everything, that is connected to this (trust me, this can take a really long time) (pretty sure they would need to change even more), change every icon (which might be the easiest part, depending on how "intelligent" the coding was written), and then they would need to make adjustments specific for the console, compile everything, test it and, if something went worng, repeat this step. This work can be done by a smaller group, yes, but it's not "just changing a few lines". Also, I've read somewhere that the theme for KH1 (Simple and Clean) was put under a special contract, and that's why they did not made any ports in the past... though, I don't know if that's true and if (if yes) the contract is still active...
  5. Besides having shorter hair, I think her face is a just bit rounder.
    1. x13Sora13x


      If I heard right, KH3 is gonna show up in the livestream...

  6. Well, yes. You have a point there BUT why telling us all the time, that we should check every social media? I do not think that this is just to get more followers. Everyone, that is lucky to attend there are telling us, that there will be new STUFF - not only some sort of footages.
  7. I feel like "the choosen ones" know something related to the release date. Some are behaving really...strange (for example TheGamersJoint). But who knows for sure? Maybe I'm overthinking too much ^^
  8. While it is true that "Versus XIII" did take a long time with Nomura as the director, everyone should understand that at that time he was working on multiple projects at the same time. That is also the reason on why the game was always heading nowhere (no direction thanks to director with no time). The (legendary) FFXV development-hell started mostly after the name change/director change. I think if Nomura had the time to focus on just FF Versus XIII, this game would've be a really great game. KH3 was too early announced because Nomura felt like beeing under pressure. This is because the fans (us) desperatly wanted KH3. FF7R was too early announced because SE wanted the game to be announced (it's NOT Nomuras fault). Nomura is actually making his own deadlines and is trying to keep it but he can't help it. If SE is saying to do multiple things at once he has to do it. For example KH2.8 would have been done and released on time but the team of FFXV needed help on their game, so they would not need to push it further back. If anyone still thinks he never keeps deadlines, please give me some examples (Versus XIII and XV do not count for obvious reasons). I've read or heard somewehre that FF7R was first developed under CC2 (the first 2 years or something) and because SE didn't like where the game was going, they abandoned CC2 and their work. So SE is actually working on it for about 2 years - not 4-5 years. And if I'm right, SE kinda tricked Nomura on becoming the director.
  9. There is one thing I'm confused about. In the translated trailer, Marluxia says he's "serving" the Organisation. Well this can mean that he's a member but the confusing part is his eyes. They are blue, not yellow. And I don't think this model is not finished, it looks done to me...
  10. I can't tell you which medals to use since I don't own many of these but I can tell you what strategy I have used. The key to this strategy is to defeat the cat that heals first (speed type). You can use the Treasure Trove (TT) to get a great boost for your power medals. You can use another keyblade too, if you think that TT isn't the best choice for you or if you don't have fitting medals for this setup. First of, you need to try to get your defense as high as possible, or you need to try to get the strength of your opponents as low as possible. If you have some medals that for example, inceraces your defense for 2 or more tiers, i would say two or three medals are enough. After getting sure, you won't die in one turn, use medals to get your strength higher or to lower the defense of the opponent. Again, about two medals should be enough. --> Illustrated KH2 Kairi is pretty perfect for healing, dealing great damage (if you have her guilted - if not ignore this point), restoring gauges and of course for strengthen yourself and weaken your opponent. Your last keybladeslot can either be a medal to strengthen yourself a bit more, to deal damage or to be safe and weaken your opponents or get a bit more defense. This is your choice to make As for your pet, you should put in the strongest medal that you have. Since it dosn't matter what kind of type the medal is, you can put anything that makes great damage and maybe gives you a little extra boost. (I'm pretty sure your pet is at least rank 3) About skills: If you have two medals with any kind of defense boost (the higher the better of course) it would be great. My Illustrated KH2 Kairi has defense boost IV but it did activate pretty rare (which gave me heart attacks sometimes). Only your damage dealer needs to have a attack boost. I hope i was able to help you a litte PS: You'll probably notice that my mother tongue isn't english so please tell me if something isn't clear
  11. After a long time I decided to look what has changed in x (I got tons of great stuff ) and i saw that it's possible to link x to Ux. Does something good happen if you link the games? I linked them but nothing really happend... I'd be happy if someone could explain me what this does
  12. What if the person in the beginning of the back cover segment is a different one, as the one, who is talking with the one of the five masters?
  13. The japanese E3 trailer is a bit different at 1:07. It seems like the "Attack!" thing in the KHIII D23 trailer isn't just for Shotlocks...
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