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  1. This won't contain any spoilers, but after finishing KH3, I really don't know what all this negative fuss was about. I was expecting them to do something horrendous which would tear apart our entire conception of Kingdom Hearts but got nothing that bad.

    KH3 has flaws. Tons of them, just like every other game. There are quite a few things I personally would have done differently, paced in a different manner or excluded in favor of more story (like minigames), but for me, it was not nearly as atrocious as some people claim it to be.

    Of course people can continue to believe that. It's their opinion after all and I can't tell anyone how to experience a game or how to deal with their expectations. We had a long time to envision how the perfect game would be for us. And KH3 doesn't come close to what I imagined.

    But it is still Kingdom Hearts in every way by doing that. It's not much different than any of the other titles in that regard. Even KH2 had tons of complaints when it came out. The prologue, people complaining about mashing triangle too much and beating enemies without actually doing something, having so many cutscenes that you sometimes couldn't take one step, the Disney worlds being too detached from the overall plot way too often, etc.

    People tend to forget that they complained a lot about KH2 too when it came out. Despite not having a lot of expectations. KH3 could have never lived up to the hype without being 200 hours long. And even then it wouldn't have been perfect for all of us because we all wanted different things and focused on different aspects of a game, be it gameplay, story, graphics, etc.

    KH3 isn't what I wanted and I can't glorify my gripes to make it such. Certain aspects bug me and others were just downright not explainable. However, it also had a lot of good things.

    I laughed so much. More like in any other KH title. I still got some things I wanted. What was shown was good, even if it could have been more. In some aspects it was even more than I could have asked for.

    All in all, it just falls in line with the rest of the franchise as not making it more dramatic than KH actually ever was. And for that, I am actually glad.

    More than anything, I am sad to see this saga go. It isn't as bad as a final goodbye to a franchise since it was confirmed to continue way before its release, but it's close. It has been 5 1/2 years since its announcement. Times where this site blew up from every little bit of information given. That time was wrought with so many emotions.

    For now, we have to bid this farewell. Maybe until the next DLC or the next game. Maybe the wait won't be as long next time now that they somewhat have the engine under control. But I'll look forward to doing it again all over with all of the excitement, worries, happiness and fears. 

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