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  1. It's been too long since SDG, especially Donald and Goofy has been out of the spotlight for these other characters. I'd say focus mainly on SDG and everyone else share 0%-5% of the gameplay pie.
  2. My memory was a little off. And yea it would be a boring setting in comparison to most of the other world ideas.
  3. Alright. Recess would actually work. AT least the Recess movie since it had aliens that tried to sabotage the school. I'd say that'd work.
  4. Man. That is the likely scenario of the beginning of KH3. Man I hate this so much personally.
  5. Then what was the point of relearning if you're just going to relearn again? lol.
  6. I hope your right. And it seems likely since Disney's been more interactive with Kingdom Hearts as of late.
  7. Seriously though I hope they have an Uncovered event as TheGamersJoint pointed out and have Demo Kiosks set up in the conference.
  8. Donald isn't totally useless... He makes for a very great meat shield!
  9. I'm expecting 15 seconds of randumb gameplay. HOOORAY!!
  10. It has to be better than KH2FM in order to fully fulfill this saga. Are they able to accomplish that?
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