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  1. The one that disappointed me the most in Kingdom Hearts 3 is Tetsuya Nomura, because if you think about it, he was the one responsible for making Kingdom Hearts 3 so sloppy that it did not get to be that much enjoyable for me. I know this because there are certain hidden elements in the game that could have made it a 100x more enjoyable.
  2. In essence, I do not think it was the worlds that were the problem but how the story was told. Therefore, I can safely conclude that if we had the chance to experience the story in cuts than just one whole thing, the game would have just that been much more enjoyable.
  3. Things I want in a Premium DLC: *More Keyblades and among them should be the Oblivion and Oathkeeper Keyblade. *An expansion of Twilight Town, the world was too small to explore. *Superbosses where one or more among them should be the Foretellers. *A tournament cup in the Hercules world or another world because the gameplay itself is too easy, that it is almost boring. *The Mysterious Tower, that world should have been in the game. *A minigame based on the chessboard between Xehanort and Eraqus.
  4. The 100 Acre Wood was not as deep and meaningful as it did in the previous games.
  5. The game was good, I don’t have doubts about that but I feel that it was lacking compared to Kingdom Hearts 2. My reason is: 1. I don’t really get what the Secret Ending was about. 2. The Keyblades Sora was supposed to have did not appear here, such as the Oathkeeper and the Oblivion Keyblade. 3. The content of the story was not as deep as it was in Kingdom Hearts 2 and the game was not really challenging enough to have it on the same level. 4. I just wish the game did not break from the tradition of having secret characters be fought against as secret bosses, in order to expect the things to come. 5. It had many unnecessary elements on it that it basically puts it back on the same level as the first Kingdom Hearts.
  6. Nomura said that the box art of 1.5 2.5 and 2.8 would give us an idea of what Kingdom Hearts 3 box art would look like. After seeing it now, I can't help but wonder what this boxart is supposed to represent.
  7. I wanna see the summon Mr. Nomura said that was in KHUX that will be in KHIII. Also, I want to see what Ephemer’s role going to be in KHIII.
  8. I wanna see already the secret character that would be summoned in Kingdom Hearts III
  9. Is there a reason why the organization can’t just target the original Seven Princesses of Hearts?
  10. Guys, let’s calm down a bit. Now let’s thinks about it, Nomura said that before the game would be released, all the worlds that would be in it would have to be revealed in the upcoming trailers. So far, we only know 7 worlds and Nomura-san said that there would at least be 10. By going on that trend, with one world being revealed in each upcoming trailer, it is safe to say that the game would be released somewhere in Fall. To add to this, if Nomura seriously intended to release the game in the Summer, he should already have said so at the D23 2018 expo in Japan since those two are basically about 6 months apart.
  11. Let’s see, I believe the last 5 members would be: 1) Luxord 2) Demyx 3) Larxene ;(I see no reason why they should not be include in the new Organization) 4) Adult Xehanort - makes sense, to get the part of Xehanort where he wielded darkness at his peak. 5) Riku-Replica - His appearance in Pranksters Paradise is what baffles me if he is part of the new Organization I did not include Terra-Xehanort because Master Xehanort said that he would only change his plans if he loses his hold over Terra. So that means that in some part of the story, he did lose his hold over him and lied to Sora and his friends about the fate of Terra.
  12. Could be Xion, I mean Ventus is there and we do not even know how that is possible and looking even more closely at the hooded figure makes me deduce that it is indeed her.
  13. The horde battle that I want is the in the final battle, the Seven Guardians of Light + Donald and Goofy will go up against the 13 Seekers of Darkness. The scenario would be that Sora will be in a face off against the 13 darknesses with 8 party members. As the fight goes on, Sora will be separated from the party member to fight against 1 or 2 enemies along with a comrade and in the final scenario, all the Guardians of Light will go up against Master Xehanort in the attempt to finish him off, once and for all.
  14. While it is unconfirmed if he is a villain or not, I think the Master of Masters would be the best villain in the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise. My reason is because he is a laid-back, happy go-lucky person who acts as a puppetmaster in controlling the way everything should be at his whim. In fact, most of the items he created so far are being used and sought out by villains (Xehanort and Maleficent). Also, the fact that he wears a dark hood, is a clear indication that he is in some way using the power of darkness.
  15. They said that in E3 2018, the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be announced, so it is safe to say that the game would not come out in the next four months. From that, we can expect the game to come out some time in the last 6 months of the year.
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