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  1. I do not expect to see a release date, but I do expect to see a release window at the end of a new trailer.
  2. My favorite Donald moment in Kingdom Hearts is when he wakes Goofy up with lightning to tell him about King Mickey's letter and finds out from Goofy shortly after that that Queen Minnie and Daisy are standing right behind him.
  3. The Home Video Story There are lots of moments in my family's home videos in which funny things happen, but the one that stands out to me is this one: I was two years old and standing on a chair in my room in order to look out of the window. My sister, who was around one year old, was playing right below me. Suddenly, she fell down and started crying. My dad, who was recording us, started to move over to her to help her. I reached down to help her up as well, but as I tried to help her up, I lost my balance and fell off of the chair. For some reason, this became one of my family's favorite home videos to watch, and, even though this was only a short part of a much longer home video, it was actually known in our family for a while as the video where I fell off the chair. The Bird in the Movie Theatre Story I also have a lot of funny stories about working at a movie theatre, but this is the one that stands out to me the most: One of the assistant managers at the theatre told me that a bird had gotten into the compact room and told me to chase it out. Now the door to the compact room automatically locked when it closed, so we had been told to keep it propped open when we entered it, otherwise we would have to walk out the back doors and walk all the way around the back of the theatre and back to the main entrance in order to get back in. Because of this, I kept the door propped open as I tried to chase the bird out of the back doors. That was a mistake. The bird got into the back hall, which is huge, and I nervously went to tell the assistant manager what had happened. As soon as I told her, I went back into the back hall with all of the managers and assistant managers who were working at the time, and we all tried to chase the bird out of the back doors. We eventually got it out somehow, but it took an army of movie theatre workers to do so.
  4. I completely agree with you. I would be more surprised if Kingdom Hearts III wasn't at E3. I almost feel as if Square-Enix needs to reveal something to appease the fans. I don't want Square-Enix to reveal anything that they aren't ready to reveal yet, but I have a feeling that we will get both a trailer and a release window. Maybe we will even get a new world announced. I won't get upset if what I expect to see isn't there though, but here's hoping for something good.
  5. With E3 rapidly approaching, I thought that it would be fun to list what I expect to see in Kingdom Hearts III. So, here we go. 1. All of the worlds that we visit will have to do with saving those who have been thought to be lost forever Since a focus of Kingdom Hearts III will be saving those tied to Sora who have been thought to be lost forever, I think that there is a possibility that all of the worlds that we visit will have that same theme. The worlds that have been revealed so far can certainly fit that theme (the story in the Tangled world will probably be about reuniting Rapunzel with her parents, the story in the Big Hero 6 world has been revealed to be about the original Baymax returning and being corrupted by darkness, and, if Olympus Coliseum is tackling the story elements that have not been explored yet from the Hercules movie, the story in Olympus Coliseum could be about saving Meg from the Underworld after she sacrifices herself to save Hercules), and a lot of the worlds that people are speculating to appear can certainly fit that theme too (the Toy Story world would probably be about getting Woody and Buzz back to Andy after they get lost and the Frozen world would probably cover saving Anna with an act of true love after she becomes completely frozen). I think that this would be a good way to make the worlds that we visit feel connected to the story without having Master Xehanort appear in every single world looking for more seekers of darkness or something like that. 2. Maleficent and Pete get their hands on the Book of Prophecies We know that Maleficent and Pete are looking for a connection between Jiminy's Journal and the Book of Prophecies, and I think that it is safe to assume that they will end up finding the Book of Prophecies and try to use its power against us (which could make for an awesome boss fight). I am still thinking that the Book of Prophecies might be Jiminy's Journal (I just think that it could be based on how Maleficent is looking for a connection between Jiminy's Journal and the Book of Prophecies), but I doubt that will actually end up being the case. 3. One or more of the foretellers will appear We have already heard Young Xehanort talk about the "lost masters" in the Kingdom Hearts III trailers, saying that they were the ones who started the Keyblade War. I don't think that anyone other than the foretellers can fit this description (unless there is something that hasn't been revealed to us yet). We also know that Riku and King Mickey will be searching for previous Keyblade wielders. I am guessing that among these previous Keyblade wielders will be the foretellers. And speaking of the previous Keyblade wielders that Riku and King Mickey will be searching for... 4. Some of the other Union χ[Cross] characters will appear I personally think that Ephemer and Skuld seem to have become too important to be left out of Kingdom Hearts III. I also think that they (and possibly some of the other original characters introduced in Union χ) will be among the previous Keyblade wielders that Riku and King Mickey will be searching for. 5. The Master of Masters' true intentions will be revealed While we have been told that the Master of Masters will not show up in Kingdom Hearts III, that doesn't mean that we won't feel his presence in one way or another (he may even be revealed to be Master Xehanort or something like that for all we know, which would mean that he technically wouldn't be in the game, since he would be revealed to be a different character). The way that Back Cover ended definitely made it seem like the Master of Masters was up to something. The question is: what is it? All we know is that is has something to do with what is in the box. And speaking of what is in the box... 6. Master Xehanort's secret agenda involves finding and opening the box Xigbar has been hinting at a secret agenda that Master Xehanort hasn't revealed to anyone. We now know that someone will be after the box in Kingdom Hearts III, so I bet that Master Xehanort will be searching for it as part of his secret agenda. I have no idea what this secret agenda could be since it seems like Master Xehanort has devoted his entire life to nothing but creating a World that is equal in light and darkness. There is only one guess that I have... 7. Master Xehanort's secret agenda is to basically become a god Master Xehanort may not just want to create the Next World, but to rule the Next World, since he wrote in his fourth report in Birth by Sleep, "And when Kingdom Hearts is complete, it is said the one who opens its door will bring about the creation of the Next World. Such a feat is above any human. Or, to put it a different way: whoever opens that door will be reborn as something far greater than human." This also makes sense, since Xehanort is obsessed with gaining knowledge. What is the best way to become all-knowing? Become a god. Whatever is in the box may help him achieve this, but someone else may be after the box... 8. We will finally find out who the traitor is Back Cover seemed like it was going to reveal who the traitor was, but it never did. Does this mean that there never was a traitor and the Master of Masters was just trying to get the foretellers to turn against each other, or does this mean that the traitor is yet to be revealed? Gula revealed to Ava that the Lost Page "contains a passage about an inevitable betrayal." And he said that "it talks about 'the one who bears the sigil'." There is only one thing that this could mean: the Recusant's Sigil. I think that the Lost Page was talking about a betrayal that will come from within the seekers of darkness, someone who is going to end up betraying Master Xehanort. I think that the most likely candidate for this is Xigbar. He has even said straight out that he has his own plans. I think that Xigbar will spend Kingdom Hearts III trying to find out what Master Xehanort's secret agenda is (since he has already been shown to be interested in finding out what it is), and I think that he will try to open the box instead of Master Xehanort once he finds out what Master Xehanort's secret agenda is. 9. Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, Larxene, and Vanitas will be seekers of darkness There isn't much more to say. I expect these five to be some of the unknown seekers of darkness. Speaking of characters that I expect to see as seekers of darkness... 10. Terra and/or Ventus will be a seeker of darkness We know that Master Xehanort has Riku, King Mickey, Terra, Aqua, or Ventus as one of his seekers of darkness since Master Xehanort himself said so in Dream Drop Distance. We can obviously take Riku and King Mickey off of that list, and I think that it is safe to take Aqua off of that list since she had pretty much been confirmed to still be trapped in the Realm of Darkness. That just leaves Terra and Ventus. I think that Master Xehanort was referring to Terra since he had possessed him at the end of Birth by Sleep. However, since we did see Master Xehanort return as Master Xehanort instead of Terra-Xehanort (who he should have returned as since Terra-Xehanort is the one who became Ansem and Xemnas), maybe Nomura is going to try to shock us all by having Terra actually be free of Master Xehanort's control (since he said he told Master Xehanort that he would find a way to kick him out of his heart) while the sleeping Ventus had been found and turned into a seeker of darkness. We know that Master Xehanort was searching for the Chamber of Waking for that very reason, so maybe he succeeded. Or, maybe both Terra and Ventus will be seekers of darkness. I don't think that both of them will be seekers of darkness, but I am confident that at least one of them will be. 11. All those tied to Sora will become their own people Of all of the things that I have included in this list, this seems like one of the most likely things to happen, in my opinion. I feel like it is almost all but confirmed that those tied to Sora will become their own people, but there is still a chance that they don't. However, while Sora saving those tied to him doesn't necessarily mean that they will become their own people, I think that it is less likely that they don't become their own people. 12. Sora will finally become a Keyblade Master I know that Nomura said that he didn't have Sora become a Keyblade Master at the end of Dream Drop Distance because he wanted Sora to be relatable. However, I think that we will see Sora become a Keyblade Master, and he will get his new clothes as a reward (or maybe he just gets new clothes since that tends to happen a lot). 13. Sora and Kairi will finally become an official couple It is basically all but confirmed that Sora and Kairi both like each other. I think that since the credits to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue showed a lot of Sora and Kairi together during the part of the credits when we were being shown all of the couples in the series, and since they were the last clips we saw in the credits, I think that they were hinting at Sora and Kairi finally becoming an official couple in Kingdom Hearts III. And it's about time too (if they do, that is). So, that is what I currently expect to see in Kingdom Hearts III. I do have other theories as to what might happen, but I am not sure if they will appear or not, so I did not include them in this list. What do you guys think of my list, and what do you expect to see in Kingdom Hearts III?
  6. I wanted to vote for Vincent since he was planned for KH1 and all, but then I thought to myself, "Do you know who I would love to see more? Barret." So, I voted for Barret.
  7. Squirrel Girl, but only if we get this scene:
  8. Remember, the unnamed Marvel IP Project is also listed as a game that will be released in the next three years or so, bringing the total number of games up to three. Because there are three games listed to be released in the next three years or so, we may get one game released each year. So, based on everything we have heard so far, if I were to make a guess, I would say that Kingdom Hearts III will be released in 2018, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released in 2019, and the currently unnamed Marvel IP Project will be released in 2020.
  9. I think that it is difficult to describe these characters with just one trait or to pick out the main one that they embody, but I will try my best. Sora - I think the best way to describe Sora is his kindness to others. I think that you can trace most of his other traits, such as his optimism and his gullibility, back to how well he treats others, as he is extremely willing to trust and forgive anyone to the point that it can become a weakness. Riku - I think the best way to describe Riku is his loyalty to his friends. Because of his loyalty, you always see him doing whatever it takes to protect his friends, even if it means putting his own life at risk. Kairi - I think the best way to describe Kairi is courageous. She is very caring and kindhearted, and, while she has not mastered combat as of yet, she is willing to put herself on the line for her friends. She is very determined and shows confidence in everything she does. Ventus - To me, Ventus is a lot like Sora. I think the best way to describe how he is different is that he comes across as more childlike. He looks up to Terra and Aqua and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. Aqua - I think the best way to describe Aqua is motherly. She is kind and gentle, especially to those who are younger than her, but she is also overprotective and can get strict, especially when it comes to dealing with her friends, Terra and Ventus. Terra - I think the best way to describe Terra is his desire to become stronger. He thinks that strength will overcome the darkness in his heart. He tells Cinderella that "strength of heart will carry you through the hardest of trials". No doubt his desire for strength is also motivated by his desire to always be there for his friends. Roxas - I think the best way to describe Roxas is reserved, but he opens up with his friends. He is very melancholy and it seems like the only times when we see Roxas showing a lot of emotion is when he is angry. Xion - To me, Xion seems a lot like Roxas. I think the best way to describe how she is different is that she is shy and willing to do what is necessary for the best of everyone. Lea - I think the best way to describe Lea is cocky and his loyalty to his friends. Much like Riku, he is shown to be willing to do just about anything to protect and, in the case of Roxas, even bring back the ones he cares about. Master Eraqus - I think the best way to describe Master Eraqus is devoted. He is devoted to his responsibilities as a Keyblade Master and is devoted to doing whatever it takes to ensure the light is protected, even if it means putting other people's lives at risk. He is also very devoted to his pupils to the point that he treats them like his own children and wishes to see them succeed. Master Xehanort - I think the best way to describe Master Xehanort is cunning. He is a master manipulator and seems to be able to plan for every possible outcome. He believes that darkness is nothing to fear and that the World needs to be equal in light and darkness. Vanitas - I think the best way to describe Vanitas is cruel. He is cruel not only in words but also in his actions. He tears people down with his words and does horrible things, such as breaking Terra's old wooden Keyblade that he gave to Ventus in two, right in front of those who would care. Hopefully, this helps.
  10. Even though he hasn't appeared in a Kingdom Hearts game yet, I would give a Keyblade to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, because, since we got to see a rivalry between Mickey and Oswald in Epic Mickey, I think that it would be cool to see that rivalry again in the Kingdom Hearts series (for at least part of one game) and see them fight each other with Keyblades.
  11. While there might be instances in which we get to control other characters for a limited amount of time (like when we got to control King Mickey and Riku in Kingdom Hearts II), I don't think that we will get to play as anyone other than Sora. However, if we do get to play as another character, I expect them to be either Young Eraqus or Young Xehanort in a flashback at the beginning of the game (which will probably serve as a tutorial, like Roxas' time in the digital Twilight Town did in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II).
  12. In my opinion, I do not want to see the next saga's antagonist to be a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts III. I don't want there to be any hints toward the next saga at all. I don't want any unanswered questions or anything that make it feels like there is more to the story. Everything has been building up to Kingdom Hearts III, and I want a satisfying ending that says, "This is the end of the saga", not an ending that says, "But wait! There's more!" True, Kingdom Hearts III could still give us a satisfying ending while also including a hint of what's to come, but I feel like if Square Enix did that, then it would take away from the ending of Kingdom Hearts III, because it wouldn't feel like a real ending anymore, just another chapter in a story.
  13. Just from reading your titles, Superman: Doomsday, The Justice League: The Legion of Doom, Superman/Batman: World's Finest, and Wonder Woman: Olympus all remind me of similar story ideas that I came up with for my own DC Shared Universe at one time. I guess great minds think alike.
  14. I know that the Book of Prophecies is only able to conjure from the future. Sorry, I wasn't clear when I said that the Book of Prophecies has the ability to create worlds. To explain my line of thought further, I am thinking that the Book of Prophecies conjured the worlds into existence because the worlds exist in the future, and the worlds exist in the future because the Book of Prophecies conjured the worlds into existence. So, I think that it's like a big, never-ending loop. You can't have one event without the other. That being said, I do think that you could be right. It might just be the light of the children that rebuilt the World. However, since the Master of Masters mentioned that the Book of Prophecies is shaping the next world in many ways, I think that he was hinting at its involvement in the rebuilding of the World.
  15. It has certainly been a journey, just like Kingdom Hearts has been. Thanks for being a part of my life Kingdom Hearts!
  16. I would like to see a live action remake of The Hunchback of Notre Dame with some of the songs from the musical that never got to Broadway (In fact, how about we get a movie version of the musical that never got to Broadway?). I understand where you are coming from. I didn't like Maleficent either. In my opinion, the live action remakes have gotten much better. I thought that Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast were all great movies. They seemed to stay much closer to the originals than Maleficent did and didn't change too much (in my opinion). If you have an opportunity to watch any of them, I would say to give them a shot.
  17. Ah, okay. I thought you meant that all of the seekers of darkness were the original owners of those Keyblades. What you said makes much more sense to me now. Your theory does make me wonder: if the seekers of darkness are all going to become Xehanort clones, will they all wield No Name? I think what you suggest, that they all wield one of those Keyblades, makes a lot of sense. I think you might be on to something.
  18. I definitely agree with you that there must be some significance with those Keyblades that have the eye of darkness in them. However, I don't think that the ones who wield those Keyblades are going to be the ones who become the thirteen seekers of darkness. The black cloaked figures that we see at the end of Dream Drop Distance already had Master Xehanort's heart in them. So, why would Master Xehanort choose not to go with them, but with completely different people? Since most of them have not been revealed yet, it is possible that some of them are the Foretellers, Luxu, or the Master of Masters, and that Master Xehanort got to them the way that you suggested that he did, but other than that, I don't know about him using the Keyblades that have the eye of darkness in them to find the rest of the seekers of darkness. How do we even know that all of those Keyblades currently have Keyblade wielders that are wielding them, since we only saw them after Sora, Riku, Terra, Aqua, or Ventus obtained those Keychains? It might sound like I am just being negative, but I am just pointing out where I think that there might be holes in your theory. I do think that it is a really interesting theory that you came up with, though, and you may be on to something with those Keyblades.
  19. Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover and Dream Drop Distance:
  20. Frosty the Snowman. I used to wear a paper hat, stick a corncob pipe in my mouth, carry a broom, and act out the old cartoon movie during Christmas. It is still my favorite Christmas movie and Christmas song to this day.
  21. I was surprised when I watched this teaser trailer on YouTube, because, after reading the comments, it seemed like a majority of people were actually looking forward to the movie after seeing this teaser. A lot of them even pointed out how they weren't interested in this movie until they saw this teaser. I was just surprised, because I was expecting to see pretty much nothing but hate in the comments. Maybe this movie will end up doing better than everyone thought.
  22. I loved absolutely everything I saw in the trailer. The only thing that I might have had second thoughts on when I first saw the trailer were the enchanted objects, specifically Lumiere, but after watching the trailer a second time, I loved them too. Really, if there was anything that I don't understand, it is the fact that people keep complaining about how the Beast looks. The two complaints about him that I have heard the most are that the CGI for him looks bad and that he looks too much like a goat-man. In my opinion, I don't think the CGI looks bad at all, and I don't think it matters what the Beast looks like as long as he looks like a monstrous animal. Maybe it is also because I am usually a little more open to different interpretations of characters and stories that I don't care about the way Beast looks all that much. The good thing is that the appearance of characters seem to be the only things that people have been complaining about so far (that I could find), which means everything else must look good to them.
  23. I don't think that I can say anything more than what you said right here. So, I will let Stephen Colbert say something instead, because I think that this is one of the most beautiful and American videos that I saw come out of this election that I am sure will get everyone's hopes up:
  24. Sounds cool! Maybe you could also make videos answering questions your viewers ask you about Kingdom Hearts.
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