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  1. For those who didn't know, Nomura actually wanted to turn FF Versus XIII into a musical after watching Les Misérables, but apparently the producers didn't want and he didn't do it in the end. x)
  2. Hmmm we don't know, but I remember Idir (the SQEX France community manager) saying at Paris Games Week that in 2017 there'll be a lot of "activity" from SQEX in France, and Nomura said in 2013 that he'd like to present something as a world premiere when he returns to France... There's some hope.
  3. I see a lot of people complaining about combat too. I also think the Osaka team has polished their skills for KH3. But I wonder what will happen to them after KH3 is finished. They used to make spin-offs and stuff but now... ? Especially since the "original" KH team was the one developping Versus but the project got canceled. I guess a lot of them stayed in Business Division 2 but I don't know what the other ones are doing. I also wonder which team will develop the next KH. Oh, before these Business Divisions, both the Tokyo team and the Osaka team were part of the 1st Production Department Premiere actually. I remember they said that in 2011. So maybe they'll cooperate together. As of now KH3 is only 10% developed in Tokyo, and I'm pretty sure it's just Nomura and Hashimoto's doing, lol. (I even remember Nomura saying the KH3 and FFXV teams competed against each other, but that was in 2013 and Nomura was still FFXV's director.) Haven't watched X Back Cover yet but I believe it's in-engine and not CG?
  4. "To this day, no one has ever managed to open the door to Kingdom Hearts" You know nothing, Xehanort. :ph34r: EDIT : Potential KH3 spoilers if true :
  5. Looking forward to Xenoblade 2 too!
  6. Hoping to see some KH3 and FFVII Remake!
  7. This man is awesome. Isn't he? You can see it just by the way he talks about taking decisions and saying no. A true artist and visionary.
  8. Hi everyone. Please pardon me for the lack of originality for the title. :ph34r: I've been a KH fan and a lurker on KH13 (mostly for news) for quite some years, but I guess I'm finally ready to post (KH3 is coming soon, believe it or not!). I played all the games except CoM/Re:CoM and Coded/Re:coded (you know, the re:titles games). I tried them but never finished them and just watched some cutscenes and some resumes on wikis and stuff. I live in Paris and I like game dev secrets and things like that (I'm quite passionate about subjects like Versus XIII and unused concepts). I don't think I'll be very active since I'm mostly here for news but I hope to have a good time here! Thank you for reading.
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