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  1. I chose Sora but not for the Kingdom Key. The best keyblade is two words: Ultima Weapon
  2. I'm not even gonna lie. My ringtone is Simple and Clean Rising Sun mix and my textone is the sound of a Keyblade appearing lol.
  3. I agree I wish they had an all of em option. Each one does such cool and unique attacks and styles
  4. So I was playing Kingdom Hearts in the 100 acre wood on my old PS2...Has anyone else known that Rabbi's garden is literally a gold mine for elixirs and potions???

    1. KHP@L@D1NX13


      Rabbit's garden I meant

    2. Xiro


      Rabbi Rabbit lol

  5. I'm hoping for new costumes that Hiro makes them in San Fransokyo. That'd be wicked.
  6. Sometime in March. Reasoning: Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in March.
  7. I think that once Sora obtains the power he needs, he'll go back to mysterious tower where Yen Sid will teach him some cool new abilities that Keyblade Masters use lol
  8. Even if there isn't exactly a Marvel or Star Wars world in the game maybe just have characters from those franchises be in the game like how the FF characters are. Maybe have a Sith Lord(doesn't matter who) be a secret boss while we help say Spider-Man get back to his dimension or something along those lines. I think that would be pretty sweet lol.
  9. I picked Frozen, but really if they can make it fit in the KH Universe, any of them could be.Although since Sora needs to regain his strength, I believe any of them that focuses on the power of the heart will be in the game...whether it's now or later.
  10. Those would be some great spells, and I would really like to see some of the spells from BBS come back. I loved using Meteor, Tornado, and Raging Storm. A new spell I would like to see from Final Fantasy series would be 1000 arrows. That would be like an epic super spell that they could make it have like light elemental damage. Also Ultima and Mega Flare should definitely come back too lol
  11. A valid point, one that I didn't think about obviously lol. However, even though Square Enix didn't create the series I listed, just published them. Square Enix did produce the anime for the manga listed above... Just like how Disney was inspired to make movies about literature/stories that Disney doesn't own, not as far as I know anyway.
  12. Okay so if not Studio Ghibli, then what about anime that square has right to, like say Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, as well as the other anime owned by Gangan Comics, Square Enix's manga department. Disney would put their properties first obviously but I can see a couple animes owned by Square be potential world's, so long as they make it fit into the Kingdom Hearts universe.
  13. I think that it'll be in the last possible place you would expect it to be, which would probably be a new KH original world that hasn't been shown yet. Heck, maybe the Master of masters disappeared in back cover to prepare a world for the black box resting place by using the book of prophecies perhaps... It sounds far-fetched I know, but I can see Nomura putting a twist like that in the game.
  14. Another valid assumption my friend. Especially if we're comparing all major title games.KHI has 18 usable keyblades while KHII has 27 usable keyblades. It would only make sense for KHIII to have the most keyblades of any game. Btw thanks for the compliment those two outfits are my favorites too, along with Cloud's Soldier Outfit.
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