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About Me

Hi, and welcome to my profile! Way back in the year 2002, ten year old me was sitting in front of the TV when a commercial came on for a game called Kingdom Hearts. Almost immediately, I was spellbound. There were Disney characters in this game, and they were your faithful companions in what looked to be an amazing, action-packed adventure. Christmas was just a few months away, so I hurried upstairs to get my mom and show her the commercial before it ended. I pointed at the TV and said, "I want that game for Christmas". On December 25th 2002, I unwrapped a brand new copy of Kingdom Hearts, the first console game I'd ever asked for, and the first one that was truly mine. Thus began my dedicated adoration of the Kingdom Hearts series. I've played every subsequent entry multiple times, own several of the manga, and bought various merchandise throughout the years. I drew fanart for a very brief period of time (until I finally accepted that I cannot draw to save my life) and still write the occasional fanfiction, though with my other projects I rarely find time for this now. I am borderline obsessed.

Unfortunately, none of my friends have the same passion as I have for the series, so it's been tough finding a community to share my intense love for Kingdom Hearts with. I initially followed Kingdom Hearts Ultimania for my Kingdom Hearts news, then when it went on silent mode I switched to KHInsider. I eventually discovered KH13 a few years back, and after following the announcements on KH13 for a couple of years, I finally decided to create an account and get involved in the forums. Within the next year I joined the Datascape team as a project leader, and soon after that joined the Moderator team. It made me so happy to finally be part of a community that shares my intense passion for such an amazing series, and I'm looking forward to many future years spent with this community.

I am an uber nerd as well, being an avid fan of comic books and books in general (honestly, I will read pretty much anything), tons of movies and tv shows, and of course, video games. I will provide a list of my all-time faves below in case anyone is interested. 

Favourite Books/Comic Books/Series:
Battle Royale
The Folk of the Air trilogy
The Harry Potter series
The Hunger Games series
The Modern Faerie Tales trilogy
Ready Player One
The Wicked and the Divine

(I'm on Goodreads! Check out my profile here to see my recorded books and written reviews!) 

Favourite Video Games/Series:
Final Fantasy
Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons
Horizon Zero Dawn

Kingdom Hearts (obviously :P)
The Last of Us
The Legend of Zelda
Mass Effect
Tales Of series

Favourite Movies/Series:
Harry Potter
I Love You, Man
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Kubo and the Two Strings (and pretty much everything else by Laika)
Little Miss Sunshine
Most films in the MCU
Star Wars
Studio Ghibli films
The Truman Show

Favourite TV Shows:
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Bojack Horseman
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Gravity Falls
The Legend of Korra
The Office
Parks and Recreation
The Vampire Diaries

Favourite Bands/Singers:
Billy Talent
Dream Theater
Fallout Boy
Linkin Park
Marina and the Diamonds

My other interests include baking and crochet; much of my spare time (when I'm not gaming) is spent crocheting various things, including gaming plushies and knick knacks among other things. I am also an avid writer, and I hope to be published someday in the near future. I have finished my first novel and am well into writing its sequel. My genre is mainly fantasy, but I do dabble in science fiction as well.

You should also know that I am a very passionate person, and tend to go on long rants about things that I am passionate about. In order to protect you from my obsessive babblings, here is a list of my triggers so you know to avoid them.

Allwil13's Triggers:
Stephenie Meyer and her terrible (in my opinion, anyway) books
Why I don't like Game of Thrones
Why I think people need to chill out when it comes to spoilers
My need to defend J.K. Rowling and her recent updates to the Harry Potter universe

You have been warned.

I am a resident of the wonderful country of Canada and love meeting new people and expanding my horizons. If you'd like to get to know me better, please feel free to send me a message. Thanks, and I can't wait to get to know you!




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