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  1. Allwil13

    What you used to believe....

    Well, I guess with the vast amount of theories out there at least a couple are bound to be true. Makes me wonder if we'll get a true theory with KH3.
  2. Allwil13

    What is the most memorable boss fight?

    I would have to say Xemnas. Nothing beats literally slicing buildings in half. Plus, I don't think anyone will ever forget the zebra suit.
  3. Allwil13

    100 Acre Wood

    The Hundred Acre Wood is a world based on the stories of Winnie the Pooh. It is one of the worlds to appear in most entries of the Kingdom Hearts series, with the exception of Kingdom Hearts coded, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts 3D. Every appearance of the Hundred Acre Wood has involved it as being a world full of mini-games, with the only exception being Birth by Sleep when it was included as a command board. It will return in Kingdom Hearts III, with the Heffalump character making its debut appearance in the series.
  4. Allwil13

    The Caribbean

    The Caribbean is an updated version of Port Royal, both of which are based on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. The Caribbean's plot will be based on the plot of the third film in the series, At World's End. Jack Sparrow will once again be a party member. The world will add several new characters from the films, including Tia Dalma, Joshamee Gibbs, and Davy Jones
  5. Allwil13

    Kingdom of Corona

    The Kingdom of Corona is a world based on the Disney film Tangled. It will make its debut in the Kingdom Hearts series during Kingdom Hearts III. Both Rapunzel and Flynn Rider will be party members. It has been confirmed that the world's plot will follow that of the film.
  6. Allwil13

    San Fransokyo

    San Fransokyo is a world based on the disney film Big Hero 6. It will make its official debut in the Kingdom Hearts series during Kingdom Hearts III and will feature Baymax as a party member. The world's events will take place after the events of the film. It is discovered that Baymax's old body has been overcome and possessed by the heartless, who are able to bring it back to the real world and proceed to wreak havoc.
  7. Allwil13

    Ever After

    The Ever After is the Keyblade obtained in the Kingdom of Corona in Kingdom Hearts III. Its main design is based on Rapunzel's tower in the Disney film Tangled, with Rapunzel's hair coming out the window at the top and wrapping around the length of the blade. The royal family's sigil from the film is attached to the tip of the blade. The keychain resembles a frying pan.
  8. Allwil13

    Shooting Star

    The Shooting Star is a keyblade introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. It is mostly blue, yellow and purple, though part of its handle is silver. Its keychain is shaped like a star. How the keyblade is obtained in-game remains unknown.
  9. Allwil13

    Nano Gear

    The Nano Gear is the keyblade obtained in San Fransokyo in Kingdom Hearts III. Its handle and most of the blade are designed after Baymax's armour in the film Big Hero 6, with Hiro's original Microbot positioned at the top of the handle. The end of the blade is designed to look like the smaller microbots seen in the film.
  10. Allwil13

    Phantom Green

    The Phantom Green keyblade is available to people who pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts III through the Xbox store. It has a green handle and a black blade with a yellow star in its tip. Its keychain is a yellow crescent moon connected with three diamonds coloured red, blue and green.
  11. Allwil13

    Midnight Blue

    The Midnight Blue is the keyblade obtained by people who pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts III through the Playstation store. It is varying shades of blue with a yellow star in the tip of the blade and the four playstation buttons embedded in its handle. Its keychain is a yellow crescent moon.
  12. Allwil13

    Dawn Till Dusk

    The Dawn Till Dusk keyblade is the pre-order bonus for those people who pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts III through Amazon. It is essentially designed after the Kingdom Key, but instead of a yellow handle it possesses a green and orange handle, referencing the colour scheme of 7-Eleven.
  13. Allwil13

    Smile Gear

    The Smile Gear is the keyblade obtained in the Monstropolis world in Kingdom Hearts III. Its design is very mechanical in appearance, and its keychain is the monster costume made for Boo by Sully and Mike in the film Monsters Inc.
  14. Allwil13

    Infinity Badge

    The Infinity Badge is the keyblade provided from the Toy Box world in kingdom Hearts 3. It includes elements based on Woody's sheriff design and Buzz's Space Ranger design. Its keychain is one of the three-eyed alien toys from the Toy Story films.
  15. Allwil13

    What you used to believe....

    Yeah, I don't think I've ever had a theory in KH actually come true. Which is kind of a good thing, TBH. I tend to have a knack for guessing what's going to happen in a story and I've never had that problem with KH.