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How should Sora’s mom reappear in KH?

How should Sora’s mom reappear in KH?  

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  1. 1. How should Sora’s mom reappear in KH?

    • Finally make Sora eat his food
    • Awaiting Sora on Destiny Island at the end of KH3
    • As a keyblade wielder
    • Xehanort: ”I’m your mother.”
    • Have her heart rescue Sora’s heart
    • Through a visit to the Destiny Island town
    • She’s being rescued and calls him Junior
    • Flashback
    • I don’t want her to.
    • Another way? Share below!

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I think the most ideal way for Sora's mom to reappear and for us to finally see her face would be if we saw her waiting for Sora on Destiny Islands right when Kingdom Hearts III is about to end, ready to welcome his son back home...and prepare him some dinner he'll actually eat this time instead of rudely leaving in the stormy hours of the night! xD


Also, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! God bless them all! :D

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I actually dont want her to come back we have zero emotional connection to her at this point KH was always about sora and his friends but if she is supposed to appear I dont think she deserves anything more than to be a background character in the final goodbye photo


Side note: this Sora's mom obsession is killing me.

I don't want her to come back so this obsession with her could just die off and disappear.


the memes need to live on!


*Sees mom from afar*

First zoom in

*Notices yellow eyes and pointy ears*
Mom point her finger to herself and says:




for the love of  everything that is good and decent dont give nomura ideas


At the end of kh3 to kick sora out of the house officially. Seriously the guys been gone for how long now? He’s probably old enough to move out lol


She probably allready sold all his stuff and uses his room for Yoga or something

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