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What are your thoughts on Disney buying 21st Century Fox?

What are your thoughts on Disney buying 21st Century Fox?  

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  1. 1. What are your thoughts on Disney buying 21st Century Fox?

    • I'm not sure yet.
    • Yay! X-Men and Fantastic Four in good hands!
    • More IPs for KH
    • Scary..
    • I only watch Disney's animated stuff anyway
    • No, Disney are taking over the world!
    • Eh, don't care
    • Who's next, baby?
    • Something else? Share below!

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I admit, Disney is slightly a bit too greedy. Just waiting to see whether or not they'll own franchises like Transformers or something LOL (real talk though, would love to see Transformers in Kingdom Hearts...mainly to see Sora and co as Transformers and have them fight alongside Optimus Prime and the autobots or something LOL)

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I think this is pretty awesome, as we'll finally have the X-Men and the Fantastic Four be officially integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I figure they could be introduced during Phase 4!


This also means that we'd get a buttload of new IPs for Kingdom Hearts like Ice Age, Epic and other cartoon and live action properties that would fit into Kingdom Hearts really well!


And really, who's next? At this point, Disney will own everything come the next 10 years or so! I think that Hasbro may be their next target, or maybe Universal Studios!

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2030 disney builds a private army and influences global politics.

2032 disne takes over the united states

2033 canada and mexico are annaxed

2035 with gene editing technology disney Makes it law that every Citizen in their borders must look like theit characters

2040 disney disbamds the UN and establishes the one world disney corp goverment.

2045 walt disney is resurrected with magic crystals found on mars and made the world emperor of earth.

2050 society has transformend. Pluto the dog is the most loved pet around the globe. Feathers and marine uniforms won most liked fashion of the year for the third time. Ayuk! Is used in all languages.

2060 space colonys are built new technolgy makes it possible for people to have the same abilitys as cartoon characters

2070 another civilisation is found that is build around final fantasy games that were found by aliens when one of the drones that carry knowlegde about huma art were found. Why only FF and nothing else? Nobody knows.

2080 a great dinsey final Fantasy alliance is founded named the kingdom of hearts

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