Kingdom Hearts 3D set for July 27, 2012 release in Europe

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Update 6: A game store from the Netherlands, known as Game Mania, have put up a pre-order page for the game-- and this page confirms the expected release date for Europe, July 27, 2012. Since we have now seen this same date published on both a French and Dutch website, we can be quite sure that the given date is official. Thanks to mistressLuck from KH13 for the find. Keep in mind that this suggests a mid-July release for North America.


Update 5: Square Enix France have AGAIN changed the published release date of the game. While before, we were given "July 27, 2012", and saw it be changed to "Summer 2012", we have now received another change-- this time to just "2012". Square Enix are being incredibly vague about this, let's hope that they make a more official announcement soon!


Update 4: Looking at the page on the Square Enix France store, we can see that the game states that there will be "English voices and French subtitles". Also, Sora's French voice actor from previous games has Tweeted that he was not contacted about the role. This suggests that the game probably won't be dubbed in any non-English European languages, and instead will just receive subtitles. So a big sorry to our French, German and Italian fans (who will all get a subtitled game, but not a dubbed one)!


Update 3: Square Enix France have also revealed the boxart for the European version of the game. This is exactly the same as the Japanese boxart for Kingdom Hearts 3D, except, the game logo is moved from the bottom-left to the top-right. Enjoy.




Update 2: KHDestiny have Tweeted that they contacted Square Enix France, and Square Enix France stated that Kingdom Hearts 3D is "now set for a Summer 2012" release. This means that Kingdom Hearts 3D will release sometime during Summer 2012 in Europe, and Square Enix are probably aiming for sometime around July 27 (but it is not yet set in stone).


Remember, the only reason we know July 27, 2012 is accurate is because it comes from Square Enix. Square Enix have made no mention of the North American release date yet, and any given dates by game stores (especially those on the 1st or last day of a month) are just placeholders/predictions. EB Games Canada, for example, have had a "July 1" date up since January, where stores like Amazon.com claim "December 31". These are just placeholders.


Update 1: Square Enix France have since edited the website to say "Summer 2012" (between June 2012 and August 2012). This is probably because they were not supposed to reveal the release date yet (as there has been no official announcement), but keep in mind that it could mean it was in error. We'll have to wait to find out more information.


Square Enix France have revealed the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance in Europe. According to their official online store, the European version of the game will release on July 27, 2012 (well, the France version to be specific, but France release date = Europe release date 90% of the time). This means we can probably expect a July release for North America, and a release the same week as France/Europe for Australia. Thanks to sqexgal, KH Destiny and Chao_Loulou for the find.

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I said it would release August!


I don't think it would release on a Friday here in Australia and the fact Kingdom Hearts games almost always release in Australia before Europe. So I reckon it'll probably be the 25th.

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In Japan, BBS came out in January and we didn't get it until September, now KH3D is being released in March in Japan, and I wasn't expecting it in America until December or next year. July sounds awesome, but the hardest part will be trying not to spoil the entire game before it comes out.

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