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  1. Here are my Best 5 Worlds predicitons for Kingdom Hearts III Note: I will only Include Disney Related and Disney/Pixar films in it although There might be some chances of Getting Star Wars and Marvel in the Game #5: Meet the Robinsons I would love for Meet the Robinsons to make a New World debut cause i've been posting on Forums online to have Meet the Robinsons in the Kingdom Hearts Series #4: Big Hero 6 This would be a great Addition to Kingdom Hearts 3 i would love it to take place when Sora and his Friends that they have arrived in San Fransokyo where they team up with Hiro and the Big Hero 6 to take down Yokai and restore everything in San Fransokyo Note: 2014 Version of the Film may be included to the Game #3: FrozenNow this is an Amazing film i would love to see in the Game i would love for Sora and his Friends to go to Arendelle in their Side of the Story to team up with Anna and Kristoff to get Elsa to bring back Summer and to return to Arendelle while Riku and King Mickey is with Elsa. #2: Wreck It Ralph Now this is the Awesome of my Favorite Disney Films though i have seen Clips of the Movie and scenes online of the Film and i have the Figures for Disney Infinity though i want Wreck it Ralph to have a appearance in the Kingdom Hearts Universe as a Playable Disney World. and #1: Toy Story Toy Story has been one of my Favorite DIsney and Pixar movies of all time favorites so i thought that Toy Story could make an Apperance in Kingdom Hearts III so Sora and his Friends could be transformed into Toys. My top 5 Honorable Mentions #5: Cars #4: The Jungle Book #3: Tangled #2: The Emperor's New Groove #1: Atlantis the Lost Empire
  2. Didn't Riku went to the Disney Worlds once in Dream Drop Distance as if the worlds that are Disney Related we're sleeping.
  3. Hmm i rather go with Emma Watson i mean she can be good at acting in Video Games right i mean she can be good at portraying as Aqua right.
  4. I'm betting on Either Meet the Robinsons or Toy Story to appear in Kingdom Hearts III
  5. Yes they would have to put Meet the Robinsons in the Game cause i've been Requesting this a lot of times to appear in Kingdom Hearts Series.
  6. If they release a New Trailer of KH3 at E3 then i hope we get the First Glimpse of Possible New Worlds based on Disney Movies we hope to see(Frozen, Toy Story, Wreck It Ralph, Tangled, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, Cars, The Lone Ranger, Meet the Robinsons, The Jungle Book, Treasure Planet, Pocahontas, The Black Cauldron, The Princess and the Frog, 101 Dalmatians, Great Mouse Detective, Up, and Bolt) and a Story Trailer of the Past KH Games.
  7. At least 13 or at least 19 Worlds in the Game maybe have Some Disney Worlds that we never seen in the Previous Kingdom Hearts Games(For Example The Jungle Book originally in BBS but Scrapped) Replace the Disney Worlds we've seen in The Previous Games.
  8. So No Disney Sequels in Worlds that we already have well if There's not going to be A Lion King II Sequel story in KH3 guess they might have to Replace with a Frozen World cause Frozen it's much better than The Lion King.
  9. Well we've seen Stitch Before since KH2 and in BBS we seen Gantu, Sparky, The Grandcouncil Woman and Jumba so we need a Hawaiian World for Lilo and Stitch in KH3 to see Lilo, Nani, David, Myrtle, Bubbles, and Pleakey.
  10. Need Some More Disney Classics in Kingdom Hearts III please Put Frozen In Kingdom Hearts III although i am a big Frozen fan and i love it.
  11. My Party Members Ideas Arendelle: Anna Kingdom of Corona: Rapunzel and Eugene Indian Jungle: Baloo Futureland: Lewis Treasure Planet: Jim Hawkins and John Silver Game Arcadia: Ralph Andy's House: Woody Metroville: Mr. Incredible Monstropolis: Sulley Radiator Springs: Lightning Mcqueen Axiom: Wall-E The New World: Pocahontas The Wild West: Lone Ranger and Tonto Tranquil Forest: Bambi Nottingham Kingdom: Robin Hood Land of Prydain: TaranOakey Oaks: Chicken Little Hawaii Islands: Stitch Star Wars Universe: Obi Wan(Prequel-EP IV), Luke Skywalker Marvel Universe: Any Marvel Hero Dark Age England: Wart(Arthur)(Disney)
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